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Whether you have a large garden or simply like to keep plants or pots at home, which always give life to every home, Descubre Almuñecar presents Abosol S.L., a family business dedicated to the care of gardens and green areas, but also to the exhaustive care of tropical and subtropical crops with specific fertiliser plans and specialised treatments. Abosol has had a large warehouse dedicated to agriculture and gardening for more than a quarter of a century.

The journey of this growing family business began in 1997 when Don Emilio Guirado, who worked in the experimental farm of the Junta de Andalucía in Algarrobo, which has introduced during the last half century a series of agricultural varieties that are at the forefront in the whole European continent. It was Don Emilio who encouraged his sons to set up this company with the liberation and new commercialisation of organic products, plants, seeds etc… which until then had been monopolised by the fruit farms.

Abosol offers a wide range of products and with the passage of time and the good work of its founders, Eva and Julio, have led the company to grow and have an increasingly specialized staff, all of them florists and gardeners with extensive experience and experience in the sector, in addition to the enthusiasm they put into their work at the service of their customers.

Therefore, if their clients and/or visitors have any doubts, or need any kind of advice on the treatment of their plants, gardens, green areas or cultivation, the team is always ready to help them. Because above all, the most important thing for the great Abosol family is the satisfaction of its customers and a job well done is its calling card.

Abosol offers all its customers fertilizers, tropical plants, trees and ornamental plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs, eco products, insecticides and any product that your garden, green area and/or crop needs.

You can find them in Almuñécar in Urbanización de la Paloma number 6 (next to Opel and Carbonell).

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