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August morning fair


Much to try at the Almuñécar morning fair. A varied atmosphere that finds its place while having tapas with friends or family along Calle Pintor Rivera, which is filled with bars where some brotherhoods and some bars in Almuñécar serve drinks, rations and tapas.

Morning Fair 2018

With each year the morning fair has a greater attendance. Again along Calle Pintor Rivera the Almuñécar fair is held.

Feria de día 2014

Again, this year the morning fair on Calle Pintor Rivera has been filled with people from the fair. Willing to cool off, dance and enjoy the Almuñécar fair.

On Pintor Rivera Street, bars are mounted on the sides where they serve rice, skewers, skewers … As at this time the sun sets, the street is covered with a large awning and humidifiers that cool. All this to spend some time at the fair without accusing the heat of the day.

Some bars in the municipality and some brotherhoods set up their bar along the street, with everything you need to eat rations and enjoy the festivities of Almuñécar.

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