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Beer or wine tasting, sale of spirits and imported products


At the Olivares liquor store, you can get advice on local wines, which you can bring as a gift, craft beers, champagne and the widest variety of spirits, and imported products. In high season there are also wine and craft beer tastings.

Wide variety of wines at Licorería Olivares

You are looking for a good wine for your table or you would like to discover something new. You prefer white, red or pink. Maybe you want to give a good broth? Ask and ask, we will advise you on the best wines for each occasion.

Or maybe it’s a special occasion and you want to uncork a bottle of the best champagne.

Contact Phone: 958 63 00 07

Shopping hours during week 9:30 – 14:00 y 17:00 -20:30

Shopping hours during the weekend

9:30 – 14:00

Import products in Almuñécar

We have imported products such as canned fish, cheeses, sauces and spices from England, Scandinavia, America, Italy, France, Argentina … difficult to find in Spain, you will feel at home and you will not miss that product that gives the special touch to your home.

Wine tastings and beer tastings

If you are interested in a wine or craft beer tasting, you can book by calling our phone and we will prepare everything for a tasting. Occasionally when new products appear or to publicize a product of excellent quality we organize tastings.

Licorería Olivares is the oldest establishment in Almuñécar, with more than 60 years of experience behind it. They specialise in wines, liqueurs, distillates and also offer a wide variety of select foods from all over Europe, providing you with incredible delicatessen.

Founded in 1952, first as a food shop, it later moved on to the foreign products demanded by the tourists and the growing foreign population of Almuñécar.

Thanks to the success of their commitment to select products, they decided to expand the business with their wines, liquors and distillates, both Spanish and foreign.

From wines from the province of Granada to Priorato, Bierzo, and practically all the denominations of origin in Spain and other parts of Europe and South America. To foreign liqueurs and malt Wiskys, French cognac, Russian and Polish vodkas, and French champagne and distillates from South America and many more.

In addition to the possibility of finding options for all types of budgets, which helps to access a wide variety of products.

Don’t think twice and enjoy the variety offered by Licorería Olivares!

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