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Chiringuito C’Mariano


On the beach of Velilla, we find this beach bar, with a variety of rice and fish dishes, quality, price and service. A classic place for tapas after a swim, perfect for eating sardines on skewer, fried fish, barbecue or rice accompanied by a cold beer. Totally refurbished.

Daily menu of the restaurant

Menú especial todos los días de la semana a 20€

Mariano Linares López, a visionary entrepreneur, began his adventure as a businessman in the restaurant business at the Sal y Pimienta Restaurant 36 years ago, when he was only 27 years old.

Later, in the year of the Barcelona Olympics and the Expo’92 until 1998, he worked at the Paraíso campsite in Almuñécar.

And after closing that stage of his life he took over the reins of the Chiringuito 2 Naciones, which was a family business, until he finally opened his own Chiringuito in Velilla on the beach of Almuñécar, Restaurante C’Mariano, which offers a wide variety of rice and fish dishes, and is an excellent place to enjoy a good sardine skewer, fried fish, barbecue or rice accompanied with a cold beer, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The treatment of the staff is of the best and all this makes C’Mariano Restaurant the perfect place to regain strength after a swim at the beach of Velilla.

Telephone for reservations:

600 85 76 74

Opening hours during the week:

11:00 – 01:00

Weekend opening times:

11:00 – 01:00

kitchen schedule:

12:30 – 24:00

Staffed breaks:

Open every day of the week during

Especialidades del Chiringuito C'Mariano que debes probar

sardine skewers
fresh fish
grilled fish
tiger barbecue
large tapas
bodega selecta
black rice
rice with lobster
baked meats
grilled meats
galician octopus
roast octopus
fried fish

barbecued meat
ox steak
sirloin steak
suckling chops with honey
grilled prawns
grilled shrimps
sweet and sour rib
gypsy rice
Assorted salads
Homemade desserts
Scrambled eggs
Salmon carpaccio
Rice with vegetables
Homemade coquettes
Rice in broth

Servicios disponibles

  • english spoken
  • français parlé
  • deutsch gesprochen
  • handicapped access
  • terrace available
  • WIFI available
  • celiacs
  • halal
  • payment by card
  • payment by restaurant ticket

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  1. Juan Sánchez June 20, 2022

    Buenas tardes,

    Tengo el placer de contactar con ustedes porque nos gustaría ofrecer vuestros productos a nuestros clientes.

    Informar de quien somos, grupo Avoris ( grupo Barceló ) y grupo Globalia ( Halcón Viajes, Travelplan, Mundo Senior, etc ) en principio todos los servicios extras de la región de Andalucía lo gestionamos desde nuestro departamento.Con nombre comercial Avoris Travel, dentro de la marca Avoris con razón social TRAVELSENS S.A. y WELCOME INCOMING SERVICES

    Rogaría por favor tarifa Menú tapas: 5 tapas + 2 bebidas + café o té, para operativa que tenemos de holandeses en Costa Tropical

    Fechas entre el 06/11/22 al 17/12/22 y del 08/01/23 al 29/04/23
    Entre 40 – 50 pax. aprox.

    A la espera de vuestras noticias


  2. Antonia Crompton June 3, 2023

    ¿Está abierto Durante el mes de October?


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