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Christmas in Almuñécar, celebrations and endless activities

Christmas in Almuñécar, celebrations and endless activities


When Christmas comes, we all love to go for a walk and see the beautiful streets of the city where we live, to feel the Christmas spirit and to feel the joy of this season. But what is Christmas like in Almuñécar?

Activities that you can find in Almuñécar at Christmas time

Throughout the month of December there are Christmas activities in the city of Almuñécar, here are some examples of what you can find in the city’s cultural agenda:

  • Christmas musical shows
  • Switching on the town’s Christmas lights
  • Traditional Christmas market
  • Children’s musical activities
  • Conviviality days
  • Christmas competitions (decorations and postcards)
  • Theatre
  • Christmas carol and flamenco concerts
  • Guided tours
  • Exhibitions
  • Cavalcades (Father Christmas and Three Wise Men)
  • And much, much more.

With the incredible cultural variety that the city offers, the hours will slip through your fingers while you enjoy your Christmas festivities by the sea, the good gastronomy and the pleasant climate that Almuñécar has to offer.

Don’t miss the Christmas products at the traditional market, from typical gastronomic products to handicrafts that can become the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

And of course, we invite you to visit the shops in Almuñécar where you will find great Christmas offers and products to suit your needs.

Health is not left behind this Christmas either, as Almusalud shows us with its beauty and personal care offers. Aren’t they the perfect gift for yourself?

What else can you do during Christmas in Almuñécar?

In Almuñécar during Christmas there are not only activities related to the festivities. You can also enjoy nature by doing your favourite sports.


Many people come to our town to do this sport. You can enjoy not only the sea and the contrast with the rocky beaches along our coastline, but also the amazing blue skies in the middle of winter.


And while some people seek to take to the skies, others find their passion in the deep sea off Almuñécar. Explore the coastline with teams of professionals who will guide you to the best spots and assist you at all times.


What if you could have both? Bringing the sky and the sea together, we invite you to enjoy this sport on the beaches of Almuñécar. Riding the waves to the rhythm of the wind that will guide you is a great and special way to spend Christmas in Almuñécar.

At Christmas there is always a special place for food in Almuñécar.

In the town’s restaurants you will find special Christmas menus, with traditional dishes from each restaurant that define the gastronomy of Almuñécar. Taking your palate to enjoy one of the incredible flavours that give a special touch to your Christmas.

And you, what plan will you choose for this festive season? We hope you enjoy our city and find your favourite Christmas corner.


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