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El “Día de la Cruz” in Almuñécar 2023

El “Día de la Cruz” in Almuñécar 2023


The month of May arrives and spring in all its splendor, and with it the celebration of the Day of the Cross or Cruz de Mayo.
On May 3, 2023, the Day of the Cross is celebrated in Almuñécar, as in many other towns and cities in Andalusia. But the party will start on Friday, April 28 until Monday, May 1, and the party will continue on the 3rd but without bars, just to enjoy the exhibition of the crosses.

In accordance with the instructions of the Almuñécar City Council: “the hours of the festival of the Crosses of May 2023 will be until 2:00 a.m. and on May 1 they will end at 10:00 p.m. This schedule may be extended until 10:00 p.m. on May 3, the festival of the Holy Cross, allowing only visits to the Cross, the use of bars being prohibited.This is the festival of the exaltation of the Cross of Christ, which has its origins in the conversion of the mother of the Emperor Constantine to Christianity, making Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Because the emperor’s mother saw the authentic Cross on which our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on a trip she made to Jerusalem.

Flowers and Crosses

But currently the celebration has turned into a great popular festival that all the inhabitants and visitors of Almuñécar enjoy, with music and crosses of red flowers in almost every corner of the city. All the shops, restaurants and bars join the party by making their own crosses and displaying them in their shop windows. It is important to note that in the main squares, schools and courtyards of Almuñécar, huge crosses decorated with flowers and other folkloric motifs are erected for this day, and around them are also prepared tents and bars where you can taste typical food and drinks from the area. And of course, a lot of typical music (Sevillanas, flamenco…), although there is also room for more modern songs. In addition, for those who like to dance and the most daring, in front of the crosses there are also “tablaos” (stages) where anyone who wants to can get on to dance.
Do not be shy and dare to dance sevillanas or flamenco in the heart of the Costa Tropical of Granada, in the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean, Almuñécar.

Awards for the best cross

In addition, every year the different neighborhoods and associations compete with their cross to see who wins the prize for the best cross. Although what is certain is that all the inhabitants and visitors of the Costa Tropical of Granada and the Costa del Sol of Malaga who come to Almuñécar will be able to have fun, enjoy themselves, eat and drink until dawn.
The Almuñécar Town Hall organizes the “Certamen de Cruces de Mayo”, in which there are two modalities: adults and children. The Crosses registered in the contest may be mounted from 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28, until 10:00 p.m. on Monday, May 1. And on day 3 only for exhibition, without bar.
In the contest there are three monetary prizes that will receive each of the crosses that obtain the highest score in Almuñécar, as well as any other second prize or distinction for the crosses that in the jury’s opinion deserve such recognition, along with the corresponding diploma.
The jury will be appointed by the Almuñécar City Council Department of Fiestas, and will visit the crosses on the first day of the festival throughout the afternoon. The criteria that will be taken into account for scoring are: the natural decoration of the Cross; the floral variety; the lighting; the environment; traditional gastronomy and of course originality.
So that each of these criteria will be qualified by each member of the Jury, with a maximum score of five points and a minimum of zero. It is also very important, and the Jury will take it into account, that those crosses that are installed by residents in patios, squares or streets that embellish the neighborhood and therefore the city.

Come to enjoy

A whole long party weekend with the good weather in Almuñécar, don’t wait for them to tell you about it, come to Almuñécar to enjoy the Day of the Cross of May, which is a whole weekend, because Almuñécar is not just sun and beach, there are many more.

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