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Procession of the Virgen del Carmen


La Virgen del Carmen or Nuestra Señora del Carmen are the most common names for the invocation of the Virgin Mary of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel, and its name comes from the veneration it receives in Israel (Holy Land) on Mount Carmel. The Spanish names Carmelo (male) and Carmen (female) derive from the Hebrew words Karmel or Al-Karem, which means Garden of God.

Procesión Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar

And it turns out that this invocation of the Virgin throughout Spain and much of Latin America is the patron saint of the sea, sailors and fishermen.

Embarcación Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar

For this reason, in Almuñécar, a coastal town par excellence and with a great fishing and seafaring tradition, the 16th of July, the feast day of the Virgen del Carmen, is a day of great celebration.

For this reason, Descubre Almuñécar presents in this post the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen in Almuñécar in this special year of 2022, since, after several years with restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, the festival is back in all its splendour.

Embarque Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar

From the afternoon of the 15th July until the 17th, the Almuñécar Town Hall and especially the Los Marinos neighbourhood have prepared a programme of activities for the whole family and especially for the kings of the house, the children.

In addition, Almuñécar coincides with the fact that this celebration is the prelude to the town’s main festivities.

It should also be noted that the image of the Virgen del Carmen in the Barrio de los Marinos has a special affection and devotion, as it is part of the life of all the neighbours, as well as signifying the union and coexistence of the neighbourhood itself.

The celebrations will begin with a mass in the Resina area, changing its usual place, which is usually in the esplanade in front of the Hotel Chinasol.

This will be followed by the maritime-terrestrial procession of the image of the Patron Saint of Sailors, the Virgen del Carmen, which will maintain the usual pre-pandemic route, if the tide and the weather allow it, in front of the San Cristóbal beach.

Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar

And very important for all visitors to Almuñécar not to miss the fireworks display that will accompany the Virgin after her procession.

In addition, this special year, as we have already mentioned, there will be a tribute to the Barrio de Los Marinos in Almuñécar, on Friday 15th with the unveiling of a commemorative tile in front of the Chapel.

Discover Almuñécar invites you to visit Almuñécar on the weekend of the 15th to the 17th of July 2.022, so that you can feel the devotion and intensity of the feast of the Patron Saint of Sailors, the Virgen del Carmen.

Fuegos Artificiales Virgen del Carmen Almuñécar

Once the patron is embarked, the sailors walk her, accompanied by other boats with flares, which offers a beautiful view from the shore of the beach.

In without a doubt a local party that deserves to be seen either from a boat in the first person or from the beach with a complete panoramic view.

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