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Restaurante Emiliano


Excellent restaurant with good value for money, located opposite the rock of the saint in the Plaza de Abderramán, on the ground floor of the hotel Casablanca, has an extensive menu, which depends on the fresh seasonal produce.

A wide variety of meats and very fresh fish with a touch that few others know how to give. It also has homemade desserts and the best selected fruit. Also a variety of paellas made in clay pots.

Dishes you must try:

  • snails
  • fish
  • meats
  • grilled meats
  • grilled octopus
  • rice
  • seafood
  • select wine cellar
  • paella
  • rice with lobster
  • barbecue
  • fresh fish
  • oxtail
  • ham
  • migas
  • entrecote
  • ox steak
  • sirloin steak
  • suckling chops with honey
  • Assorted salads
  • Homemade coquettes
  • breakfasts

Servicios disponibles

  • english spoken
  • français parlé
  • deutsch gesprochen
  • air conditioning
  • access for disabled people
  • terrace available
  • payment by card
  • celiacs

Contact for bookings:

958 63 55 75

Opening hours during the week:

13:00 – 16:00 y 19:30 – 24:00

Weekend opening hours:

13:00 – 16:00 y 19:30 – 24:00

Staff rest days:

Wednesday, except public holidays

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This is an excellent restaurant that can be easily found on the seafront promenade of Almuñécar, thanks to its privileged location right in front of the Peñón del Santo in the square dedicated to one of the most illustrious visitors to the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean Sea, Abderramán I, just below the famous Casablanca Hotel.

Rated by many visitors to Almuñécar and La Herradura as the “Best Grill in Almuñécar”, and not by chance it has an average of more than 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor as well as on other specialised websites, thanks to the high quality of its menu and the careful work of all its staff.

That is why on this occasion Descubre Almuñécar is proud to present to its followers, the restaurant Emiliano on the San Cristóbal promenade. As we have already mentioned, it offers an extensive menu of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine on the grill, with fresh seasonal produce chosen with the utmost care, and with a wide variety of meat and fresh fish, in which we can highlight among others its clams with a good broth, all its grill: sea bream, tuna, octopus …. And something essential as simple as it may seem, their house salad, with avocado and roasted peppers, all complemented by a series of homemade desserts and fresh fruit from the orchard of the Costa del Sol Tropical, and of course you can not miss in the Spanish cuisine a wide variety of rice and paella. And also many of its customers highlight its “pinchos morunos” and sausages such as chorizo and black pudding.

But in addition to all this, the Emiliano restaurant is characterised by the spirit of self-improvement, to always be at the forefront in terms of service and quality so that its customers feel better than at home. That’s why you can feel the constant improvement with every visit. Surprising with the Moorish decoration of the place, as well as the atmosphere and the good treatment and attention received by its professionals, friendly, efficient, friendly and helpful waiters.

Another important aspect of the Emiliano restaurant in San Cristóbal is its grill, which is worked with a high level of knowledge, respecting and giving great importance to the main product but also to the garnishes. And then the culmination comes with the exquisite homemade desserts.

Of course, it is open all year round, so you can celebrate all kinds of meetings, parties, anniversaries, business lunches and dinners, with family or friends.

On the other hand, the restaurant has a terrace, which thanks to the privileged climate of Almuñécar and the entire Costa del Sol Tropical can be enjoyed almost every day of the year, with spectacular sea views.

Because of all this from Descubre Almuñécar we recommend that you come to know it before they tell you, do not hesitate if you are or if you pass through Almuñécar, La Herradura or any other municipality of the Costa del Sol Tropical do not miss a visit to the restaurant Emiliano on the beach of San Cristobal.

Tomato, avocado and roasted peppers salad from Emiliano restaurant, Almuñécar, Spain
Grilled octopus - Emiliano restaurant, almuñécar
Roast octopus seasoned with oil and parsley - Emiliano restaurant, almuñécar
Swordfish - Emiliano restaurant, almuñécar
Swordfish quartering - Emiliano restaurant, Almuñécar
Seasoned swordfish fillet, Emiliano Restaurant - Almuñécar
Grilled sea bass, Emiliano's restaurant - Almuñécar
Grilled squid, restaurant Emiliano, almuñécar
Caracoles, Emiliano restaurant - Almuñécar

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