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Pilgrimage of San Isidro Almuñécar 2023

Pilgrimage of San Isidro Almuñécar 2023


Almuñécar, the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, is a benchmark on the Costa Tropical of Granada and along with other cities and towns on the Costa del Sol in the province of Malaga, with which it borders, in terms of sun tourism and beach refers. But An added value that Almuñécar has above many other sun and beach destinations is that this city has much more to offer all its visitors, such as its history and its traditions.

And combining these two elements, such as its gastronomy and its traditions, we find the tradition of venerating San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers and the countryside where for thousands of years and thanks to its privileged climate in Almuñécar we can enjoy a series of agricultural products almost exclusive to this area. For this reason, on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of this Saint, after the corresponding mass in the church of El Salvador, a pilgrimage begins towards the Torrecuevas neighborhood, crossing the fields of the fertile plain near the Verde River and part of the city center. from Almunecar.

Tradition and Devotion

This pilgrimage has been organized by the Virgin Mother and San Isidro de Torrecuevas Brotherhood since the end of the 20th century. And each year new pilgrims are added, thanks to the devotion of the inhabitants, some visitors and curious people who are attracted by this tradition that little by little grows every year.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight an important and peculiar characteristic of this pilgrimage and that is that many horse-drawn carts and other draft and pack animals also participate in it. In addition to the fact that the carts are always richly decorated with precious flowers, palms and other motifs related to this festivity. But it is also important to note that anyone can join the entourage that follows the image of the saint.


The Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador, as every year, will begin after the celebration of Holy Mass in the Church of El Salvador, as we have already indicated, which will be at nine in the morning. Once the celebration of the mass ends around ten o’clock in the morning of the Sunday closest to the festival of San Isidro Labrador, which this year 2023 will be on Sunday May 14, the pilgrims with their carts and horses will begin the march towards Caicillos in Torrecuevas, the agricultural neighborhood par excellence of Almuñécar, all through La Vega and the riverbed of the Río Verde.
This year the route will be similar to that of other years before the pandemic, and that the Brotherhood has proposed and ratified by the City Council will be as follows: departure from the Church of El Salvador, Barrio P-4; From Puerto de la Cruz street, take Tetuán street towards Mariana Pineda. Upon reaching the Andalucía roundabout, the procession will go up Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I towards Carrera de la Concepción and Carretera Suspiro del Moro, turning off Calle Molvízar, towards Camino de la Vega Primera, until they reach Caicillos, where they will meet. the floats and pilgrims.

And for the safety of all, the City Council makes available to the organization of the pilgrimage the Local Police, Civil Protection personnel and the Almuñécar Fire Brigade, who will ensure the safety of the participants and all the people who want to enjoy this event. .
In addition to the Almuñécar Town Hall and the Virgen Madre y San Isidro de Torrecuevas Brotherhood, many companies and businesses from the city and the surrounding areas of the coast and La Vega de Almuñécar participate in its organization.

Do not miss it

If you are in Almuñécar or anywhere in the province of Granada or Malaga spending a few days, enjoying the good weather that this entire area offers, Discover Almuñécar invites you to come and enjoy all the tradition and devotion felt by its parishioners. and farmers for San Isidro Labrador, and that you be a part of the pilgrimage with all its tradition.

Don’t wait for them to tell you, come, live it and be the first to tell your friends.

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