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What to do in Almuñécar? Discover the city with our local guide


When we are on holiday, we know that planning what you are going to do or at least looking for tourist information about your destination is a relief and also a pleasure. That is why we want to offer you this small guide about what to do in Almuñécar so that you can make the most of these days of leisure.

What to do on your holidays in Almuñécar?

From ethno-tourism to walks along the best beaches in town, tapas and local fairs. All this and much more await you in our local guide to Almuñécar.

Remember that if you want more information or want to find more activities to your liking, you can access all our content through the blog about Almuñécar where you will find everything you need. Let’s start the adventure!

1. Dive into Aquatropic in Almuñécar

When the good weather arrives there is nothing better than a dip in a fun water park full of pools and slides that will make your time a real pleasure.

Fun with friends and family, this and much more is what you will find in Aquatropic in Almuñécar. Not only for its wave pool, but also for slides as acclaimed as the Kamikaze where the speed will make your adrenaline soar while you cool off at the end with a fall into the water.

2. Experience the city’s incredible gastronomy

The best thing about being on the coast is enjoying the beaches, strolling along the shore, bathing in the waters, spending hours in the sun or even in some of the nearby restaurants and beach bars.

In addition, in our town you will find good tapas routes and also gastronomic experiences that will make your holiday memories an ideal snack. Be part of Almuñécar through its culinary culture and discover the secrets of the cuisine of Almuñécar.


3. Discover the incredible birds of the Loro Sexi Ornithological Park

Nature is part of your adventure in Almuñécar, so a visit to the Loro Sexi Ornithological Park is a great way to discover the tropical fauna of the area.

An activity that can be enjoyed in a group or with the youngest members of the family, as well as on your own for those who like to understand a little more about our coastal town. As well as the birds, you will find it a beautiful park in which to stroll and experience the nature of Almuñécar up close.

4. Understand the secrets under the sea with Almuñécar Aquarium

To round off a good day’s holiday, an afternoon at the aquarium is the perfect plan. Full of incredible marine species, you will find a tropical paradise under the sea in its facilities.

And if you go as a family it will be a fun experience for your little ones and you can create beautiful memories and photographs together.

Inside the facility there are more than 1,000 specimens of 125 species, representing Mediterranean ecosystems and some others, well known to the general public, such as the coral reef.


5. Join the city’s ethno-tourism programme

If you like wine tasting, good music and getting to know the city’s vineyards and wine history, Almuñécar’s ethno-tourism will not disappoint you.

Visit the wineries and taste their wines, adding a different touch of flavour to your holiday. Activities to do in groups that will fill your days with the perfect memories to make your free time unforgettable.

catas etnoturismo calbente

These and many more are the magical places that await you in Almuñécar, remember that you have much more information throughout our tourist blog.

If you need help to get to Almuñécar from the airport or the train station María-Zambrano in Malaga, you can find our guides that will help you to get to the town.

Enjoy your holiday and let us know about it on social media! We would love to hear about your plans and be part of these beautiful memories.

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