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Almuñécar is one of the towns of the Costa Tropical of Granada and as the name indicates the climate is subtropical and balanced, offering sunny days almost all year round. The climate is conducive to an original landscape of extensive orchards with tropical fruits such as custard apples, mangoes and avocados among other exotic species.

Sun and beach

In the 19 km of Almuñécar’s coastline we discover fifteen beaches. Some are sandy, others pebble beaches due to their interesting natural environment of beautiful cliffs, all with clean, crystal clear water and beautiful seabed. There are long, wide beaches, as well as small, intimate coves where nudism is practised. In almost all of them there are beach bars and bars with good food in an attractive setting.


Natural landscapes made up of rocky mountains that lead to sculptural cliffs overlooking the beaches. Spaces that are home to natural living environments inhabited by mountain goats and other indigenous species, with spaces that are home to exotic animals from distant countries. Mountain tops from which to contemplate spectacular sunsets over the coast and tropical fruit plantations. The more active can practice a wide range of mountain sports.


2000 years of Roman, Muslim and Christian history, among other civilisations, have left an interesting cultural and artistic mark on Almuñécar, which we can discover in the important archaeological remains scattered around the area. Aqueducts in extraordinary condition, salted fish ponds, archaeological museum and narrow streets that lead to a spectacular castle overlooking the sea, are part of the visits that will transport us to the past.

Local festivities

A varied calendar of typical festivities will integrate visitors into the soul of this simple town capable of offering one of the largest and most sophisticated fireworks displays to pay homage to its patron saint San Miguel. This splendid spectacle takes place on the beach during Almuñécar’s big week. Throughout the year there are other unique celebrations such as the May Crosses, the Easter processions, the gastronomic festival, the jazz festival and many other events.

Sports harbour

Between Almuñécar and La Herradura lies Punta de la Mona, a beautiful rocky natural spot with pine trees and tropical plants surrounding exclusive properties. The area culminates in a beautiful beach and a small marina, one of the most charming you can find. All varieties of water sports are available in the surrounding area. Those who prefer contemplative activities can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere while sampling the local and international cuisine at the restaurants in the harbour or on the beach.

Water Park

The water park in Almuñécar with new attractions, ample parking, perfect for children’s fun and an unforgettable family day out.

Almuñécar's Aquarium

The Mediterranean Fauna Aquarium of Almuñécar is located in Plaza Kuwait s/n on Avenida de Europa, in a privileged location 500 metres from the beach of San Cristóbal. A visit to the aquarium is a journey through the ecosystem and marine fauna of the Mediterranean and especially of the coast of Sexitano.

Bird Park Loro Sexi

The Ornithological Park complements the nature tourism offer in Almuñécar, perfect to visit with the family and discover the 271 specimens of about 30 different species such as Cockatoos, Macaws, Peacocks, Ipecaá, Lorises, Parrots, Swans in its ponds and pools.