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Abderramán I Square


This is one of the main squares in the town of Almuñécar, and takes its name from the Umayyad prince of Damascus Abderramán I who landed here in the year 755 AD, coming from Gibraltar after escaping the massacre suffered by his family at the hands of his enemies the Abbasids in the year 750.

After his arrival in Almuñécar he went to Córdoba and created the first independent caliphate, and is also the first architect of the construction of the internationally known Mosque of Córdoba.

Nowadays we must emphasise that this square is the nerve centre of the city’s activity, especially during the summer months.

During this time of year, which is the busiest time of the year for tourists, stalls and street shops selling all kinds of cheap items such as jewellery, scarves, music, clothes, trinkets, etc. are set up here every day.

This makes it the perfect place to buy a souvenir of your stay if you are here on holiday, or to have a gift for a loved one.

But in the Plaza de Abderramán I there is also room for shops, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a pleasant dinner with views of the Peñones del Santo, the beach and the large statue of Abderramán I, which is a work of art on display for the enjoyment of all, locals and visitors alike.

Also opposite the square is a large artisan jewellery shop located on the opposite side of the street. Many local artists sell their work there.

But it is not only during the day that the square is very lively, as it is also worth noting that at night, especially in the summer season, the whole place is always full of people, because in addition to the restaurants already mentioned, it is a meeting place and there are always many tourists walking up and down until late at night.

It also coincides that this square is the confluence of the promenades, which increases the flow of people, and that the so-called new Paseo, which is the one on the opposite side of the Rock has a lot of bars and clubs, where many visitors come to enjoy themselves, not only from Almuñécar but from all over the Costa del Sol and Tropical.

On the other hand, we must also point out that right in front of the square, and at the foot of the Peñones del Santo, we find the spectacular and imposing statue of the prince Omeya, almost five metres high, which gives its name to the whole square.

This statue is a tribute paid by the city of Almuñécar to Abderramán I, and it is made of cast bronze, chiselled and patinated, the work of the sculptor Miguel Moreno, a contemporary sculptor from Granada, whose majestic works can be admired throughout the province of Granada, and especially in Almuñécar and La Herradura, although this was the first work of this sculptor in this city. This monument was erected in 1984 to coincide with the celebration of the first Spanish-Arabic meeting in the city.

How to get to Abderramán I Square?

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