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Aguacate Modas


Aguacate Modas is a multi-brand clothing shop with more than 30 years of existence in the market. Since its beginnings back in 1986, Aguacate Modas has been able to find its place in the market, characterised by its image and the quality of its products. Undoubtedly, a reference in the tropical coast, here you can find the most special looks to wear in an event such as those that allow you to carry your day to day without losing the fresh and different style that characterizes us.

Aguacate ModasOf course, we love fashion and being up to date with the latest trends is one of our priorities. Both for him and for her, we have a wide range of brands made in spain within our concept of fashion, fresh, youthful, romantic and modern at the same time. Compañía Fantástica, Minueto, NKN, Nuribel, Paisie, Harper and Neyer, Makarthy, El Pulpo and Lacoste are some of our references. But always in search of what we believe will best adapt to your demand within our fashion concept.

On the other hand, another of our objectives is the careful and personalised treatment. Our experience and knowledge in the fashion sector means that we can advise you in relation to the most suitable styling for your needs and that best suits you, the moment and the occasion.

Aguacate Modas

In Aguacate you will not only find a beautiful shop but also a family team that will know how to listen and help you to find that image that defines you, that renews you or that makes you shine. Because we believe that fashion is to live it and our commitment to you is to make you enjoy it. Because right now, more than ever, we are committed to what is cheerful, comfortable and what makes life easy.

Aguacate ModasWe currently have two physical shops: our multi-brand headquarters in C/Carrera de la Concepción 30 and a Tiffosi Mujer franchise in C/Lonja 1, where you can find the most casual fashion at irresistible prices. In addition, our website: aguacatemodas.es will be available for you 24 hours a day.

In addition, our social networks will always be updated to show you a little more about us, what we offer and what we can do. Visit us. Aguacate Modas


958 63 20 66

Shopping hours during the week:

10:00 – 21:00

Shopping hours during the weekend:


10:00 – 14:00

Closing days for staff rest:



Aguacate Modas

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