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Almuñécar coastal beaches

Almuñécar coastal beaches


The oldest city in the Mediterranean in Spain, Almuñécar has almost twenty kilometers of coastline, where we can find a total of eighteen beaches spread out along the entire coast that belongs to the municipality of Sexitano.

A lot of diversity in a single unit

For this reason, we can affirm that in Almuñécar and La Herradura there is a type of beach for every taste, from the secluded, almost virgin coves to the long urban beaches with their promenade and all imaginable services for the enjoyment of visitors, tourists and Sundays on hot summer days. Although, as is widely known, thanks to the privileged microclimate of Almuñécar and La Herradura in the heart of the Costa Tropical in the province of Granada, both towns and therefore their beaches can be enjoyed throughout the year, not just the months of July and August, which are by far the busiest for the general public.

In addition, we cannot forget that thanks to its almost twenty kilometers of beach, Almuñécar is the main tourist area on the entire Granada coast, and one of the most important, not only in Andalusia, but in all of Spain and therefore in Europe.

Named from west to east, the beaches of Almuñécar are: Cantarriján, Calaiza, La Herradura, Los Berengueles, El Muerto, Cotobro, La Veintiuna, El Rincón de La China, San Cristóbal, Caletilla, Puerta del Mar, Velilla, El Tesorillo, El Pozuelo, Calabajío, Cabria, Curumbico and that of the Barranco de Enmedio.

Beach Awards

It is important to mention that specifically the beaches of Velilla, Puerta del Mar, San Cristóbal and La Herradura, all of them hold the Q for quality award, which is the highest distinction of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE).

In addition, in Almuñécar we also find the Cerro Gordo-Maro area, which is one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality due to its scenic beauty and conservation, thanks to its spectacular cliffs that enter the sea creating a unique ecosystem in the world. , which attracts hundreds of professional and amateur divers each year. And on beaches such as Cantarriján, you can enjoy caves and steep bottoms inhabited by a large number of plant species, among which Posidonia stands out, but also many rock fish such as maidenfish or sunfish and others. marine animals such as corals and sponges.


And thanks to the wide variety of types of beach that Almuñécar offers together with La Herradura, every day you can enjoy some activities or others, from enjoying a paradisiacal beach to practicing any motorized water sport, paragliding or hang gliding.

And of course, also a place for naturist beaches for the most daring, such as El Muerto beach (Almuñécar) and Cantarriján beach (La Herradura).

Come and discover the beaches of Almuñécar

From Discover Almuñécar we invite you to come and enjoy and get to know each of the beaches in this municipality, as well as all the activities that you can practice there, from the tranquility of sunbathing to those that will make your adrenaline rise like speed. jet skis or paragliding.

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