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Antequera Management

Antequera Management

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Antequera Gestión in Almuñécar is a family business dedicated to the management sector, which is why they are experts in all the efforts of individuals and companies with the public administration, insurance brokerage, property administration and Tax-Labor and Accounting advice to companies, individuals and self-employed, for more than 30 years, always adapting to the changes that occur over time. All this experience and knowledge together with the ability to adapt to the media and technology at all times, and legal and regulatory changes allow us to offer fast, agile and top-quality services.

We can find Antequera Gestión on its website and at Plaza Doctor Álvarez number 1 in Almuñécar, the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean

Why choose Antequera Management

Thanks to the new technologies, Antequera Gestión can cover its clients anywhere in Spain, but obviously since its inception more than three decades ago its scope of action was mainly in Almuñécar and La Herradura, the Costa Tropical and the southern area of the province of Grenada.

In addition, in Antequera Gestión de Almuñécar, a professional and quality service is always sought and achieved, because customer service and streamlining long and tedious administrative processes is a fundamental value for Gestión Antequera in Almuñécar.

Work areas and services

Labor and Accounting Advice, the management and presentation of the corresponding models before the Tax Agency on the different taxes such as VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, balance sheets and accounts before the Mercantile Registry. And social security and the contributions of workers and the self-employed, and other incidents before Social Security such as registrations and dismissals of workers, maternity / paternity leave…

Property Administration is an activity that Antequera Gestión has been carrying out since its inception for more than 30 years. And thanks to all that experience so deeply rooted in this company, we can say that the aspects that add the most value to its services are: compliance with the legally established deadlines, since missing a deadline is the same as losing rights; the quick and efficient management of any incident or breakdown in the managed property; effectiveness and efficiency in collections and provide a professional and at the same time personal service to customers.

Insurance Brokerage, both for vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks…), as well as for home, life, accidents…

Agency, very important in the coastal area, especially for the registration of tourist apartments, preparation of sales, inheritance management, lease contracts, incorporation of companies and a long etc.

Traffic Procedures, Antequera Gestión does all the procedures to register or deregister any vehicle, changes of ownership, license plates, transport cards and any procedure that is necessary before the General Directorate of Traffic of any province of Spain.

Irrigation Communities, dedicating itself with professionalism and high qualifications to the administration and management of such extensive irrigation communities in the south of the province of Granada, the study of electrical contracts, the analysis of the facilities and the detailed consumption study .

Save time and money in your efforts

Do not complicate your life trying to obtain an appointment at the Social Security, the Tax Agency, the General Directorate of Traffic, the Junta de Andalucía and other public administrations… because it will always be difficult for you to go to a particular office several times, in addition to the difficulty of being able to get an appointment and it will be a waste of time and money, which will lead to the frustration of having to search for documentation. Entrust all your efforts to professionals with more than thirty years of experience and save time and money as is Antequera Gestión in Almuñécar.

How to get to Antequera Gestion in Almuñécar?

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