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Bakery and Pastry Caribe

Bakery and Pastry Caribe

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Talking about Panadería y Pastelería Caribe in Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical of Granada, is talking about a family business that is almost 80 years old and that is becoming a franchise that is a reference within its sector.

This year, 2023, it has opened its sixth store in the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean, Almuñécar. Specifically, we can find it right on Mariana Pineda street, located in the Terraza del Mar building (in front of the Río Verde School). With its classic opening hours to the public in the morning from nine in the morning to half past two, and in the afternoon from half past five to nine at night. In which, in addition to the typical products of the Caribe Bakery and Pastry Shop, made with all the love from its workshop that has been operating since 1945, its customers can enjoy dairy products, water, soft drinks, nuts and much more.

The Value of Family Tradition

Currently the owners of this bakery and pastry chain are Miguel and Manolo Fajardo Navarro, sons of Miguel Fajardo Villoslada and Amelia Navarro Guerrero, who opened a small workshop that at first did not even have a store, they were dedicated to selling for others , back in the year 1945 in nearby Lentegí, in a flour mill where they also made bread. But with a lot of work and effort, they evolved, also passing through Otívar until finally, in the early eighties of the last 20th century, with the aim of progressing, they moved to Almuñécar where they opened their first store.

Until this last store opened, which is already the sixth, which shows the good work that produces the loyalty of its customers to the quality of its products, thanks to knowledge and continuous innovation without losing sight of its roots. The other five previous stores can be found open to the public on Avenida Costa del Sol (Caribe Building), Avenida Europa, Velilla, La Herradura (Alhambra street-next to Plaza Independencia) and the one located on Paseo de San Cristóbal that opens only on the summer season.

Own workshop and distribution

Currently, this undoubted Sexitan franchise is based in a large workshop of almost five hundred square meters, which can be found in the Taramay industrial estate, which is where they are made with the most advanced techniques, without forgetting the value of tradition and the artisanal, all the products that they not only sell in their own establishments open to the public, but also distribute at home on request, to the entire hospitality sector and also to the hoteliers of Almuñécar and surroundings.

Economy, Job Creation and Equality

Currently, the Panadería y Pastelería Caribe franchise has a staff of twenty-six workers, since half are women, but also at specific times like summer, Christmas and Easter, its workforce has increased to almost thirty workers.

Value added

In addition to having a great family tradition throughout the area, and that the third generation of this family after almost eighty years dedicated body and soul to the manufacture and sale of bread, buns, cakes and other sweets such as ice cream cake, this third. The generation that enters with force is led by Manolo, the nephew of Miguel Fajardo. It is important to highlight and this is what many of its regular and sporadic customers do, who spend their holidays in Almuñécar or La Herradura, and it is that in all the establishments that Panadería y Pastelería Caribe has open, throughout the entire Costa Tropical of Granada, all the staff are very nice and are very well prepared to recommend and advise their clients very well so that they find the product that best suits their needs.

Do not miss it

If you are in Almuñécar, La Herradura or any point on the Costa Tropical of Granada or the Axarquía in Málaga, do not hesitate and come and try the frozen cake or any of the products made at the Panadería y Pastelería Caribe, either in any from their stores or in a restaurant or hotel to which they distribute, and keep in mind that they also deliver to homes. So there is no possible excuse for not enjoying the delicacies made in his workshop.

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