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Cafetería-Salón de juegos Galiardo en Almuñécar


Cafeteria – Games Room located in the centre of Almuñécar, where you can have breakfast, have tapas and if you feel like going into the arcade. It also has a range of sports betting.

Platos que debes probar:

  • Varied tapas
  • Breakfasts
  • Varied sandwiches
  • Drinks and mixed drinks
  • Games room
  • Sports betting

Servicios disponibles

  • english spoken
  • français parlé
  • wifi available
  • terrace available
  • payment by card

Contact for reservations:

958 88 26 69

Opening hours during the week:

06:30 a 3:00

Weekend opening hours:

06:30 a 3:00

Staff rest days:

Open every day of the week.

This is a centrally located cafeteria in Almuñécar, close to the famous Parque el Majuelo and other emblematic places of the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean, specifically in the Avenida de Europa number 20 on the corner of Torres Quevedo.

This establishment is a cafeteria which is great for breakfast and then have some tapas, with a very friendly staff and with great human quality, always looking to make you feel at ease and quiet, the place is also very nice and renovated, with a sophisticated air.

It also has an exhibition room, open every day in the morning and afternoon-evening, coinciding with the opening and closing hours of the establishment, where some local artists such as Luis Contreras Pérez have exhibited their works, but it is also a games room and arcade, and also has a space for sports betting and screens to follow every sporting event.

It is no coincidence that it is a place of reference as a games room, as its manager, Francisco Pacheco, who opened this café in 2008, has extensive experience in the recreational sector. He began his career in this sector more than three decades ago, back in the distant year 1990 in Granada, with an arcade and games of chance, with electronic roulette and multi-betting machines.

Moreover, its activity is not only limited to the Costa del Sol Tropical, but it also runs another gaming establishment in the city of the Alhambra, Granada.

For the convenience of its customers, the Cafeteria Galiardo is open every day of the year for eighteen and a half hours a day, from half past six in the morning for the early risers to two in the morning for the late risers.

If you are on holiday or sightseeing in Almuñécar or La Herradura, we strongly recommend that you don’t miss a good breakfast with some classic tomato toast for example, or some tapas in the Cafeteria Galiardo.

And if you are passionate about high-level sport or you are simply a fan of any sport, here you can enjoy all the sports live, because Cafetería Galiardo does not miss any of the best sporting events, and with the atmosphere of this place on match days you can enjoy any sport as if you were in the same stadium where the match or game is being played.

You will also have the opportunity to bet on your favourite team or athlete.

And if all this is not enough, there is even more, because in addition to all the luxuries that we have exposed so far, Cafeteria Galiardo has a complete offer with: machines, electronic roulette, sports betting, bar with catering service, giant televisions and several screens to follow live and live all sporting events, etc.

And it is a luxury to have so close to the centre of Almuñécar a luxurious leisure space, full of amenities and where you can enjoy incredible evenings in the company of friends and family.

How to get to the Galiardo Cafeteria-Games Room?


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