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Wine tasting and wine tourism


The Tasting School offers a wide package of wine tastings, individual or in groups in which to participate in order to know the diverse wine and gastronomic offer of our province.

The offer ranges from initiation to tasting for oenophiles to thematic sessions, always complemented by the most beautiful corners of Almuñécar.

Scenographically themed wines with memorable films where wine plays a very important role. We visit different wine-growing areas through the cinema. An experience to be enjoyed with all the senses.

This type of visit or form of tourism is becoming more and more frequent. We are talking about wine tourism, which consists of getting to know the wines, vineyards, wineries and everything related to something as deeply rooted in Spain as the ageing of grapes until an exquisite wine is obtained for the most demanding palates.

And Almuñécar, an ancient city and the oldest in the Spanish Mediterranean, always at the forefront of tourism, could not be unaware of this trend, since, thanks to its privileged microclimate, all the fruit, and of course the grapes included in this area have a special and unique character.

That is why Descubre Almuñécar presents wine tourism in Almuñécar, La Herradura and the surrounding area, so that you do not miss out on a visit to the excellent wineries in the area, and the wine tastings that take place in different restaurants in the area.

Because Almuñécar and La Herradura are not only sun and beach destinations, they have a long history with a lot of culture, traditions and customs, and in its time it was also a reference town on the Costa del Sol (until 1983), to offer to the whole world.

Come and discover the vineyards and wine history of the area, because we know that wine tourism in Almuñécar does not disappoint its visitors.

From Discover Almuñécar among others, we invite you to get to know first hand the Bodega Calvente, which is located in the Jete valley, and which, although it may seem like a small artisan winery, the excellence of its fruits is immense, thanks to its know-how, its centenary vines cultivated on very few hectares with the microclimate that characterises the Guindalera and Castillejos estates.

The secret of their excellence lies not only in their know-how, their experience and the care with which they treat their vines, but also in the Muscat of Alexandria vineyards on the southern coastline of the province of Granada, in the Sierra de los Guájares.

These are located on incredibly steep slopes with centenary vines, which look out directly from a height of almost 1,000 metres to the Mediterranean Sea, which allows them an exceptional ripening, which only in this corner of the world can be achieved.

And the wineries not only offer wine, but also other exceptional products, because they have a unique and unrepeatable raw material in the whole world, so if you have the opportunity do not forget to come to the Bodega Calvente, to enjoy their wines and other wine products.

But in Almuñécar and La Herradura, there are also many more restaurants where wine tastings are organised, such as in De la Flor Gastrobar, or in Bodegas Mateos, which is almost a century old.

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