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Chirimoya Festival in Torrecuevas. UPDATED: The festivities are suspended due to the death of a neighbor.

Chirimoya Festival in Torrecuevas. UPDATED: The festivities are suspended due to the death of a neighbor.


Torrecuevas is a district of Almuñécar, located in the southwestern part of the Costa Tropical region of Granada, very close to the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, Almuñécar, on which it depends administratively. Its main axis is the A-4050 regional highway, where it extends on both sides of the highway.

It is a neighborhood traditionally dedicated to agriculture, both to plantations and to its wholesale and retail trade, since time immemorial due to the very extensive history of the entire region, since ancient times (and more specifically since the Phoenician era or even before). And thanks to the privileged microclimate of the area due to its proximity to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and being surrounded by mountains that block the cold winds from the North, a subtropical microclimate is created, which allows the development of many tropical fruits such as mango, avocado and cherimoya, unique in the entire European continent.

Cherimoya Festival

And it is precisely this last fruit, the custard apple, to which this special neighborhood dedicates a festival that has been imported and exported from and to different countries also with a tropical or subtropical climate, such as Ecuador and Peru among others, although in each one of these is celebrated on different dates, depending on the planting and harvesting time of each of the fruits.

In Torrecuevas the agricultural celebration coincides exactly with the harvesting of this subtropical fruit at the beginning of autumn (specifically the big day of the celebrations is October 12), in which the devotion of the Virgin Mother is prayed for, who is processed in a procession. on the twelfth of October of each year, also coinciding with the national festival of Hispanidad and the Virgen del Pilar of Zaragoza, which blesses that year’s harvest so that it is the best possible.

A Festival with more than half a century of tradition

This cherimoya festival in the agricultural neighborhood of Torrecuevas de Almuñécar has been celebrated since the sixties of the last twentieth century, due to the inauguration of the school complex and the chapel of the Virgin Mother in the neighborhood, carrying out activities for several days in the Plaza del Acueducto, as well as organizing sports competitions in which the Trial race stands out, and the procession of the image of the Virgin that is carried on the shoulders of the neighborhood by the costaleros, in a religious act and religious devotion

The Organization of the Party

The Organization of the Cherimoya Festival in the Torrecuevas neighborhood is in charge of several institutions such as: the Festival Department of the Almuñécar City Council; as well as by the Brotherhood of the Virgin Mother and San Isidro Labrador; and also by the Torrecuevas Neighborhood Association.

And most of the events of this celebration take place between the chapel of the Virgin Mother and the square of the Roman aqueduct of Torrecuevas, in the days before and on October 12 of each year.

The Plaza de El Acueducto

The aqueduct that was discovered thanks to an archaeological excavation carried out in June of the year 2000 at a site known as El Convento. It is part of a very long aqueduct of Roman origin that was also used by Muslims during the Middle Ages, which runs from the Suspiro del Moro road to the coast of Almuñécar and watered the entire region.

Don't miss the Chirimoya festival in Torrecuevas

From here Discover Almuñécar invites you to come, participate and enjoy the Torrecuevas Cherimoya Festival next October 12, 2023 (and earlier), which is also a national holiday, so there are no excuses to miss this celebration. Enjoy sports competitions (for which you have to register in advance), share the fun and coexistence among all the neighbors, visitors, tourists and curious people who are invited.

Don’t wait for them to tell you, come live it and enjoy it.

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