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Chirimoya Sound 2023 in Almuñécar and La Herradura

Chirimoya Sound 2023 in Almuñécar and La Herradura


Parque El Majuelo
Av. Europa, s/n

Castillo de la Herradura
C. Fortaleza, 4
La Herradura

Icono Jazz

Almuñecar: Every night from
Tuesday July 27 to July 30

La Herradura: Every night from
Tuesday August 3 to August 6


From 10:30 p.m.

Chirimoya Sound arrives with the aim of becoming a fundamental meeting point for all those who feel, in one way or another, close to music. A fresh and renewed proposal that is presented within the framework of the summer months and with different enclaves of the Costa Tropical as a backdrop.

This new reality arises from the experience of more than 10 years organizing numerous events and festivals of a similar format, accompanied by the best reviews from the public, press and fans. Our programming aims to offer a varied line-up made up of a selection of some of the most relevant established artists on the current scene, grouped together in a conference in which various ways of understanding and living the essence of our land can feel represented.

Agenda Almunecar

– JULY 27 ‘PARALLEL WORLDS’. pomegranate sings
El Majuelo Park in Almuñécar, 10:30 p.m.
Pepe Luis Habichuela
José Antonio García (member of 091)
Special collaboration Granada Chamber Choir
Soprano: Caridad Cordero.

The union of two disciplines such as chamber music and flamenco will make us enjoy a magical night, led by the Granada musical director Jorge Rodríguez Morata in command of the Granada chamber choir and accompanied by two established artists such as José Antonio García, vocal of the mythical group 091, and Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela. The Chamber Choir of Granada and Jorge R. Morata, have as their fundamental interest combining classical music with different current musical genres, a good account of which is their participation in the presentation of the album “Mil caminos y un cantaor” by the aforementioned singer Pepe Luis Carmona, or their collaboration with the band “Lagartija Nick” in the interpretation of “Los cielos cabizbajos”.

– El Majuelo Park in Almuñécar, 10:30 p.m.

The spectator will be able to savor the most authentic and genuine of the songs and dances of the populous neighborhood of Sacromonte in Granada. On this occasion, the cast of the famous cave/tablao “Venta del Gallo” will be in charge of bringing the air of the Alhambra to the coast. Founded in 1977 by Juan Heredia, grandson of the bailaora Antonia “La Gallina”, La Venta del Gallo has established itself as an indisputable pillar for flamenco art throughout the province of Granada, receiving numerous distinctions from the city’s institutions over the last decades.

El Majuelo Park in Almuñécar, 10:30 p.m.

The Navajita Plateá group was born in 1992 with Ildefonso De Los Reyes (el Pelé) as lead vocals and Francisco Carrasco Soto (Curro) on guitar. Both are born and raised in Jerez, soaking up flamenco from a very early age. Since its inception, they have opted for fusion with other musical styles such as rock or blues as a starting point, combining and maintaining, however, the purity of their roots in each of their creations and giving rise to an unmistakable style. Good vibes and nostalgia remembering their mythical songs are guaranteed in a night that is unforgettable.

El Majuelo Park in Almuñécar, 10:30 p.m.

The Jerezano Miguel Flores ‘Capullo de Jerez’ needs little introduction among the purest aficionados. Once again, the renowned artist raised to the beat of bulerías between the Santiago and Asunción neighborhoods, comes ready to make us enjoy the best of his extensive musical career. Undoubtedly an essential appointment for lovers of authenticity in cante

Agenda La Herradura

– AUGUST 3 Chacho el Príncipe, Tony Martin, DJ Charly Ro, MvP Boyi, ADM,
ADRIM, Double King, El Pointer and DJ Roberto García. Free admission Doors open
8:00 p.m. with free admission

Youth joins our festival with this innovative format in which we will offer a concert and a free evening of conviviality in the beautiful La Herradura castle-fortress.

– AUGUST 4 José Ortega Manzanita and Lucas Carmona. Guest artist: Pepe Luis

José Ortega, Manzanita’s son from Malaga, offers us an encounter with cante where we can enjoy the songs included in his album “Sombras y sueños”, as well as remember, in his voice and as a tribute, some of the most unforgettable songs by Manzanita Sr. All this accompanied to the sound of the young Lucas Carmona, grandson of Juan Habichuela, and counting on the presence on stage of the renowned singer Pepe Luis Carmona, a luxury artist to complete a magical night.

– AUGUST 5 ‘RACE’ Juan Andrés Maya and Alba Heredia.
La Herradura Castle, 10:30 p.m.

The dancers Juan Andrés Maya and Alba Heredia present their show “RAZA”. Both born in the Sacromonte neighborhood and coming from an important saga of artists formed by Juan Maya or Manolete among others, they treasure in their hands the secret of the goblin. Juan Andrés has an extensive list of successes and recognitions throughout his career, which he has harvested since he created his first work at the age of 18. He has toured stages throughout the world, unanimously receiving the warmth and admiration of the entire public and critics. Since she stood out at the age of four with her uncle Juan Maya Marote, Alba Heredia has established herself as one of the leading dancers on the current scene, showing in each of her performances the purity of her roots and the perseverance of her work.

Marina del Este, 10:30 p.m.
Raimundo Amador offers us the chance to remember together with him the great successes of his long
musical career.

Originally from Seville, the artist grew up following in the footsteps and soaking up the great singers of the time to later create his own style in which the fusion of flamenco with other musical styles such as rock or blues and the incorporation of musical instruments such as bass or electric guitar will play a fundamental role. Raimundo Amador is a key piece in the birth of a very specific Andalusian musical style, in which different social and cultural realities are grouped around flamenco as the central axis, which has developed and crossed borders over the years.

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