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Tropican Veterinary Clinic

Tropican Veterinary Clinic

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Pets are very often the kings of the house and their health is very important, so whether you are spending a few days in Almuñécar and/or La Herradura or somewhere on the Costa Tropical of Granada, or if you live permanently in the area and need a veterinary service of maximum confidence, Descubre Almuñécar presents Clinica Veterinaria Tropican in Paseo China Gorda, 7 Local 8, in the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean, Almuñécar.

Clinica Veterinaria Tropican offers its patients a whole team specialised in caring for your pets, who will pamper them and look after them with all their love and knowledge. Offering a comprehensive veterinary service of the utmost confidence.




Services offered

Among the veterinary services offered by Tropican Veterinary Clinic we have:

– Preventive medicine, which is essential throughout the life of our furry friends to prevent any future problems.
– Radiodiagnostic service with X-ray and ultrasound.
– Surgery.
– Odontology.
– Clinical analysis.
– Specialised feeding.
– Exclusive feline consultation and hospitalisation following ISMF (International Society Feline Medicine) requirements. This certification is held exclusively by the Tropican Veterinary Clinic on the Costa Tropical of Granada.
– Veterinary Emergencies, to give peace of mind twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
– Canine and feline vaccinations.
– Traumatology.
– Identification (microchip), Clinica Veterinaria Tropican offers the service of identifying lost animals and contacting their owners to return them. They also place the microchips with all their documentation.
– Gynaecology, check-ups and examinations during pregnancy.
– Deworming.
– Euthanasia.
– Certification, all permits and certifications for pets can be processed through the Tropican Veterinary Clinic.

Pet wash and grooming

As well as being a leading veterinary clinic and pampering their furry patients with all the love they deserve, the Tropican Veterinary Clinic offers dog grooming services, so that they all look their best and don’t get too hot in the long summers of the Costa Tropical. At the Tropican Veterinary Clinic you have the possibility to bathe, cut their hair and take care of their nails so that they are always well groomed.

Pet food specialists

On the other hand, at Tropican Veterinary Clinic you will also find all kinds of feed and food because, even if you are on holiday, it is very important to take care of your pet’s diet, which will provide them with all the nutrients and energy they need on a daily basis.

And if your pet requires special food prescribed by the vet, you can also have it at our centre, for greater convenience and total peace of mind.

Come and visit us

For all these reasons, in addition to their attention and affectionate treatment of animals, Descubre Almuñécar recommends, without a doubt, the Tropican Veterinary Clinic in Almuñécar for the best care, prevention, feeding and grooming of your pets.

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