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Subtropical fruit tastings from the tree


Tasting of subtropical fruits collected directly from the tree, at the el pinero farm. Get to know first-hand, the cultivation of fruits such as custard apple, mangoes, lychees and avocados. Visit the farm and choose the product yourself. A perfect activity to do with your family or friends.

Subtropical fruit tastings straight from the tree

You are looking for a good wine for your table or you would like to discover something new. You prefer white, red or pink. Maybe you want to give a good broth? Ask and ask, we will advise you on the best wines for each occasion.

Or maybe it’s a special occasion and you want to uncork a bottle of the best champagne.





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Custard apple

During the visit to the farm, information is offered on the care of the different species, mangoes, custard apples, lychees, níspolas, papayas, guavas. Also information to distinguish the best fruit and its state of ripeness useful for the customer to recognize the best product in future purchases.

After the visit to the farm, in which the great variety of subtropical fruit trees are visited, the tasting of the fruits begins accompanied by the wine tasting of the Pago de Almaraes winery and the Mondero rum. In the tasting, different recipes are prepared salads, desserts, sauces for each product.

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