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Subtropical fruit tastings from the tree


Thanks to the microclimate of Almuñécar and La Herradura, all kinds of subtropical fruits (like mango, avocado, custard apple and papaya) grow in this area of the Costa Tropical of Granada.

And if you want to have a unique experience knowing first hand in an impressive tourist complex all the secrets about tropical fruits, then in the Finca El Pinero all its visitors can get to know these delicacies that are born directly from the trees that grow in the millenary soil of the fertile plain of the oldest city of the Spanish Mediterranean, that is why Descubre Almuñecar presents you in this post the Finca El Pinero.

Finca El Pinero was born from the dream of Antonio Guerrero, a local farmer who had the vision to transmit his great passion for tropical fruits to the rest of the world.

Overcoming all difficulties, financial problems and lack of experience, Finca El Pinero was a dream come true and has become one of Almuñécar’s leading tourist resorts in the Costa Tropical’s leading tourist town.

Its name and image are the best tribute to its late creator, Antonio’s grandfather, who unfortunately passed away before he had the tropical farm that was his great dream.

However, Antonio has managed to make a dream come true with the Finca El Pinero, because here visitors from all over the world can get to know and enjoy these delicacies first hand and in their own land, and also pass on all the knowledge about these delicious, delicate and exquisite fruits.

And to make known all the work and dedication that goes into making them grow so tasty.

Finca el Pinero offers its visitors, with prior reservation, a day in the countryside with wine tasting, tapas and, of course, all the variety of tropical fruits. In addition, visitors can also pick the delicacies directly from our well-tended fruit trees with their own hands, and there is even more… as you can also see our bee hives on the farm, from which honey is obtained from the fruit grown on the Finca.

In the same way, their products are for sale on their website, reaching many parts of Europe. All the information, photos and videos can also be found on social networks.

For all these reasons, and many more surprises, Descubre Almuñecar encourages you to visit the Finca el Pinero on the Costa Tropical of Granada, because here you can learn all the secrets of the natural cultivation of tropical fruits and also enjoy a day in the countryside in the valley of the Costa Tropical.

Don’t wait to be told about it, come and discover all the tropical fruits and the most exquisite honey at La Finca el Pinero in Almuñécar.

Subtropical fruit tastings straight from the tree

You are looking for a good wine for your table or you would like to discover something new. You prefer white, red or pink. Maybe you want to give a good broth? Ask and ask, we will advise you on the best wines for each occasion.

Or maybe it’s a special occasion and you want to uncork a bottle of the best champagne.





Contact number

677 062 318
650 401 816

Shopping hours during the week

Only by reservation

Shopping hours during the weekend

Only by reservation

Custard apple

During the visit to the farm, information is offered on the care of the different species, mangoes, custard apples, lychees, níspolas, papayas, guavas. Also information to distinguish the best fruit and its state of ripeness useful for the customer to recognize the best product in future purchases.

After the visit to the farm, in which the great variety of subtropical fruit trees are visited, the tasting of the fruits begins accompanied by the wine tasting of the Pago de Almaraes winery and the Mondero rum. In the tasting, different recipes are prepared salads, desserts, sauces for each product.

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  1. This small town is marvellous, you can enjoy a wide range of tropical fruits due to its special climate, there are many ways to enjoy these treasures such as making guakamole, cocktails and if you’re lucky press sugar cane and mix it with local rum destilled in Motril

    By the way, there are several spots that you should also visit in this town, the sunset at cerro gordo while eating a mango is a lovely experience and there’s also a coffee farm at La Herradura. Never forget to visit los pajaritos tapas bar in the town centre too 😉


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