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Easter Week in La Herradura 2022

Easter Week in La Herradura 2022


If you want to enjoy the processions, feel the devotion, the rootedness, the tradition and all the elements of the Semana Santa in Andalusia, but without suffering the large crowds of people, the long standing waits and other inconveniences that the big cities of Andalusia have, Descubre Almuñécar presents you La Semana Santa de La Herradura.

As we already know, La Herradura is a small paradise to the west of Almuñécar, right on the border with the province of Malaga, with an excellent climate all year round, and at Easter it dresses up to celebrate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The celebrations begin on the Friday of Sorrows at eight o’clock in the evening with the Holy Mass, in which all those who have died during the year are remembered, followed by a Solemn Besamanos to the Santísima Virgen de los Dolores.

Palm Sunday or also called Passion Sunday, this year 2.022 will be on the 10th of April, it is the day when the branches are blessed and the procession enters the church of San José, all in memory of the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, the Blessing of the branches will take place in the Plaza de San José and then they will go in penitence to the church of La Herradura where a Mass will be celebrated.

Then on Maundy Thursday, 14th April, at eight o’clock in the evening a mass will be celebrated in which the Holy Supper will be remembered, in which Jesus Christ taught us the institution of the Eucharist. And just one hour later the Way of the Cross will begin, leaving from the Temple of San José and then returning following this itinerary: Calle Canalejas, Calle Príncipe, Calle Acera del Pilar, Paseo Andrés Segovia, Calle Eucalipto, Calle Alhambra, Calle Barranquillo and return.

And on Good Friday, 15th April, at seven o’clock in the evening will be the celebration of the Passion of the Lord, and from ten o’clock in the evening the Procession of La Herradura will leave the Temple, which will pass through the main streets of the centre of La Herradura to finally return to the Church of San José.

On Easter Saturday, the Solemn Easter Vigil will take place at eleven o’clock at night.

And on Easter Sunday the great Procession of Our Risen Lord after the Holy Mass.

If you want to experience Holy Week in a special way, but without the hustle and bustle and crowds of the big cities, Descubre Almuñecar brings you Holy Week in La Herradura, with all the traditions, culture, devotion and passion of this celebration in Andalusia, but in an excellent climate and without long waits. Don’t wait for me to tell you about it, come and experience it.

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