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El día de la Cruz in Herradura 2023

El día de la Cruz in Herradura 2023


On the weekend of the May 1 bridge in La Herradura, as in many other Andalusian cities and towns, the Day of the Cross in May is celebrated, a great and very popular festival with all the character of Andalusia.

This year the party with a schedule that respects the rest of the neighbors will begin on Friday the 28th and will last in some cases until the night of Tuesday the 3rd of May.

All overturned with the tradition

This year 2023, which is especially expected because there are no longer any restrictions due to Covid19, in La Herradura there will be seven crosses officially registered in the contest organized by the Almuñécar City Council.

But as is well known, in addition to the official crosses, the entire population throws itself into the party, so, in the windows of the many shops, as well as in restaurants, beach bars and other establishments, even on the balconies of the neighbors Visitors will be able to enjoy and be dazzled by many flower crosses, typical music in every corner, manila shawls and all the folkloric elements that this festival entails.

And also many inhabitants and visitors, from children and babies in their carts to the elderly, will also be dressed in the classic country and flamenco costumes, with all their accessories, including hats, sashes, boots and jackets for gentlemen; and combs, earrings, shawls and ruffled suits for the ladies. We will also listen to the hooves of the horses on the asphalt because during these days riders and horse-drawn carriages will ride through the main streets of the town richly decorated for the occasion.

The official Crosses of La Herradura

This year the official crosses in La Herradura are the following:

– The Cross of ‘El Lavadero’, in Eucalipto street.
– The Cross of ‘We are here’, in Plaza Las Morenas (Old Home of the Pensioner) organized by the Association of Cultural and Sports Women La Herradura Siglo XXI.
– The Cross of ‘Los Berengueles’, in the basement of the Jate Center, organized by the Los Berengueles Women’s Association.
– La Cruz ‘Barrio Alto Neighborhood Association, in the Barrio Alto square, organized by the association of the same name.
– The Cross of the ‘Virgen del Carmen’, which can be found in the Civic Center, and is organized by the “Virgen del Carmen” Association of Herradureños Mayores, which is also the patron saint of sailors and fishermen.
– The Cross of ‘Balcón de Mati’, in Eucalipto and Alhambra streets;
– And finally the Cross ‘Calle del Mar’, on Calle Príncipe prepared by the Association of Friends of La Herradura.

What are you waiting for? Come to enjoy

Don’t wait for them to tell you, come to La Herradura in the heart of the border between the Costa Tropical of Granada and the Costa del Sol of Malaga, to enjoy all the folklore and passion of one of its most deeply rooted festivals, El Día of the May Cross.

Because the Costa Tropical of Granada is not only sun and beach, there is much more, discover it.

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