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The Friday Market in Almuñécar

The Friday Market in Almuñécar


Almuñécar, the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, has two important markets, the first of which is held every Friday on the Paseo dedicated to the father of the Andalusian homeland, Blas Infante, next to the Puerta de Almuñécar.
The Fair is also held in this same venue and normally serves as free parking, but be careful not to leave your car on market days, which can be removed by the municipal tow truck, every Friday from nine in the morning to two in the morning. late, it is filled with all kinds of stalls.
Just like Istanbul has the Grand Bazaar, Marrakech has the Souk and our Almuñécar has the Friday Market.

What can we buy at the Friday Market?

In each of the stands set up for that day, we can find a large number of basic necessities from fruits, fish, vegetables, souvenirs from Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical of Granada, flowers, clothing, footwear of everything at very affordable prices. type, ceramics, inlay, decoration, textiles, trinkets, toys, handicrafts, gastronomy, wicker, esparto grass, pickles, nuts, fish, drugstore, haberdashery, costume jewelery…
All the inhabitants, visitors and curious people can take a walk to see the new merchandise in the stalls, and buy them at very cheap prices. Even in some, the Mediterranean custom of “haggling over price” still fits, which is a process by which the buyer requests a lower price of a good from those offered by the seller. Tradition that comes from the Muslim era, and that is still very much in force today in all Muslim countries.

How to have a stall at the Market

You must request it in advance with the Almuñécar Town Hall, which, after submitting the corresponding form and a series of documentation, as well as the description of the products that are going to be sold, and the days you request to participate in the Market. If there is availability and after paying the corresponding fee, you can set up your own stall at the Almuñécar Market on Paseo de Blas Infante every Friday, other than the August Fair, to sell your products.
All these procedures and many more can also be done comfortably from home via the Internet thanks to the electronic headquarters of the Almuñécar City Council website.

Come and enjoy the Almuñécar Friday Market

As always, do not wait for them to tell you, if you are spending a few days in Almuñécar or anywhere on the Costa Tropical of Granada, and you need to do some shopping, take a souvenir to a special person, enjoy the gastronomy or simply go for a walk do not miss the Almuñécar Market.

Because visiting Almuñécar and not going to the Friday Market would be like going to Istanbul and not visiting the Grand Bazaar, or to Marrakech and not visiting the Souk. All its colored stalls are a walk that will immerse you in another era.

When deciding what to buy at the Almuñécar Market, its visitors can choose between souvenirs of the trip as well as typical products from the Costa Tropical, but above all an exciting experience, don’t wait for them to tell you about it, come and experience it.

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  1. Hadyn s March 7, 2024

    What bus route and stops gets you close to what looks like a great market
    Rout1 circular say close o market but which stop please


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