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El Penon del Santo Pharmacy

El Penon del Santo Pharmacy

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958 63 12 70


09:00 – 22:30


If you are on vacation and you have sunbathed too much, or you need any medicine or syrup, if the children get car sick, you need nappies or some intimate hygiene product, and you are in the heart of the Costa Tropical of Granada, do not Do not worry because right at Paseo de las Flores number 3 in Almuñécar we find the Farmacia el Peñón del Santo, run by Cristina Martínez Carrasco, where a very professional and qualified team of pharmacists will assist you in caring for your health and that of your family any day of the year, because it opens three hundred and sixty-five days of the year.

Working for your health and that of your family

At the Peñón del Santo Pharmacy, next to one of the most emblematic and spectacular places on the entire Andalusian coast, Antonio Gómez Pérez and his specialized team will assist you to advise you, advise you, recommend you and always find the best solution to recover the good health and alleviate any pain or physical discomfort.

Help care for and prevent health problems in your family with: thermometers, blood pressure monitors, electric pillows, humidifiers, pressotherapy equipment, foot care products, first aid kits, products for infant and adult nutrition, compression media, and a long etc Because all these products from the best brands with quality certificates and at a good price can be found in this pharmacy.


At the Peñón del Santo pharmacy, their experience and professionalism allows them to know the best brands and products within the extensive catalog that exists in each of the following specialties:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Babies and Moms
  • Health and first aid kit
  • Medicines
  • Solar protection

In addition to pharmacies, they are also specialists in orthopedics, having a wide catalog of orthopedic products, from knee and elbow pads for athletes to walkers and wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches and canes for everyone who needs it.

Its team of specialists will help and advise you to choose the product that best suits your specific needs at all times.

How to get to Farmacia el Peñon del Santo in Almuñécar?

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