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Festivities of the San Miguel neighbourhood


Almuñécar is a very broad and diverse coastal municipality, full of neighbourhoods with their own identity that have grown throughout the long history of the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, so each neighbourhood also has its own neighbourhood festivals, and in this post Descubre Almuñécar presents to its readers and followers: the festivities of the emblematic Barrio de San Miguel de Almuñécar.

These fiestas are deeply rooted in the municipality, which can be seen thanks to the great participation of residents from the neighbourhood itself as well as from the rest of the city and other nearby towns, as well as visitors and tourists from all over the world, who come every year to enjoy the festivities in honour of the Archangel St. Michael, after whom both the Castle of Almuñécar and the neighbourhood surrounding it are named.

The festivities are held from the 28th to the 30th of September each year, where, among many other activities such as sports games, popular open-air dances, cucañas, etc… you can enjoy typical dishes, tapas and also the famous special sangria offered by the Tourist Board to celebrate each year the “Day of Tourism”. The celebrations go on for three days until the early hours of the morning, ending with a great fireworks display.

The big day of the festivities is the 29th of September, which this year 2.022 will be Thursday, as it is the day of the procession of the image of the Archangel St. Michael, which will leave the Castle of the Arab period consecrated to the archangel after the Christian reconquest, between songs of the rociero choir of the district and the procession will cross the main streets of the district of San Miguel, although all the corners of the district will be decorated and adorned, to the delight and enjoyment of all residents and visitors during the days that the celebrations last.

The district of San Miguel is also known as the district of the castle, because as we have already mentioned, this is the district that surrounds the great fortress that crowns the hill of the same name, and extends from the beach next to the Peñones del Santo all the way up the hill to the surrounding streets at the foot of the hill. A historic quarter, highly recommendable to visit all year round, but even more so on the big days.

But who is Saint Michael? He is one of the seven archangels and is one of the three archangels whose names appear in the Bible. The other two are Gabriel and Raphael. The Holy Church gives St. Michael the highest place among the archangels as he is the protector of the Church, the Prince of the Heavenly Spirits and Chief of the Heavenly militia, which is why after the Christian Reconquest of Almuñécar, the Catholic Monarchs named the fortress after this archangel.

Because of its history, its traditions, its fiestas, if you are passing through Almuñécar, La Herradura or any point close to the Costa Tropical of Granada or even from Malaga or Almeria, come and visit and get to know the district of San Miguel, highly recommended throughout the year, but with special emphasis on its big days, do not wait to be told about it, come and enjoy it.

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