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Fireworks in Almuñecar 2023


The fireworks display that brings everyone together by the sea to enjoy the pyrotechnic show to the rhythm of the best music, which puts an end to the August festivities.

A large crowd crowds the beach at the door of the sea. Others however enjoy complete views from the sea.

Fireworks castle

Many hours of preparation so that nothing fails on the most important night in August, everything is planned, reviewed and prepared so that the people who spend the summer in Almuñécar enjoy the fireworks display. Difficult task since pyrotechnic fires are launched from three places: the Castle of San Miguel, the beach of the door of the sea and the rock of the saint. Everything must be perfectly synchronized, there is a lot at stake and everything must be perfect so as not to disappoint the large influx of public. Music, launch and explosions coincide during this show.

Cables are also laid on the castle walls and on the line of the three rocks so that half of the show lights up and illuminates the silhouettes of the rocks and the castle of San Miguel.

There are many beautiful corners from which to see the fires, either on the beach, on the gondolas urbanization or from the sea. It is even possible to rent one of the boats available at the marina del este marina and watch the show from the sea.

It is customary that these fires end with a final rocket and that year after year makes people applaud after the fireworks show.

Pirotecnia Esteban Martín was the company in charge of the Castillo de Fuegos de Almuñécar in  15th of August 2023. Being the last day of the holidays which is aligned with the procession of the Virgen de la Antigua. Get ready for an amazing event with piromusical spectacle that will make your senses awake and feeling amazing.

Celebrations in honor of the patron saint, Virgen de la Antigua

On August 15, the day of the patron saint of Almuñécar, La virgen de la Antigua, is celebrated. A wreath is celebrated. After which the image is carried in procession through Almuñécar, through the streets of the town.

At nightfall the procession continues at sea, with the boat of the Virgen de la Antigua. Many boats accompany her and from the sea they contemplate the castle of fires that puts the end to the patron saint festivities.

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