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Glassware García Arquellada S.L


More than half a century ago, the founder of Cristalería García Arquellada began his career in the sector when Miguel García Arquellada was just a boy of 10 years old in 1962, when he started as an apprentice in Cristalería Rivas.

Taller Cristalería García

Later, after 15 years of experience in Cristalería Rivas, and when he was already 25 years old, he took the big leap and set up his own business, with all the knowledge and experience he had acquired throughout his childhood and youth. Cristalería García opened to the public on 15th November 1977 in Marqués de Montefuerte Street in Almuñécar.

Cristalería García Almuñecar

Thanks to his good work, the confidence in his professionalism made the business grow quickly and very soon the premises became too small, so to expand the glassworks he moved to the street dedicated to the poet Rafael Alberti in the San Sebastian district, also expanding the name of the company to Cristalería García Arquellada S.L., no longer just García. In this facility, he currently has a large exhibition of his work. Because of the high quality, seriousness, professionalism and formality of his work, his clients multiplied, so that again in 1995, due to the large demand for work he had to expand the premises, leaving an exhibition in Rafael Alberti street and moving his workshop to Espeñuelas street number 10.

Cristalería García Almuñecar

Nowadays Cristalería García Arquellada S.L. is located in this last location in Espeñuelas street, with facilities of more than 1.200 square metres. And despite the growth of the company since its beginnings, it continues to be a family business, in which his wife Marisa and their three children have worked. And now the company is run by this second generation, represented by his children.

As an added value it is worth mentioning that it is the only manufacturer of PVC windows on the Costa Tropical of Granada, and its speciality is aluminium carpentry and all types of glass, as well as locksmith work, balconies and ironwork. As well as standing out for its formality, professionalism and seriousness, because no business lives more than 60 years and continues to grow, if it does not offer a product of the best quality and professionalism in service, but Cristalería García Arquellada S.L. has always offered these qualities and many more to its clients, and the proof is in its continuous growth.

Cristalería García Almuñecar

As Almuñécar and La Herradura are very touristic areas, they attend to their clients in both Spanish and English.

Do not hesitate, if you need to change the windows, fix the balcony, any aluminium work, or any other type of project … whether you are a company or an individual, count on Cristalería García Arquellada S.L. on the Costa Tropical of Granada. Because we have our own workshop, Cristalería García Arquellada S.L. offers the best prices with a fast and high quality service.

Cristalería García Almuñecar

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