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Hardware store Almoferro

Hardware store Almoferro

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958 63 96 04


From Monday to Friday:
09:30 – 14:00
16:30 – 20:30
09:30 – 14:00


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The hardware store trusted by the people of Sexta, is located in Local 1 of the Siena building in Baracoa street in Almuñecar, the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, Ferreteria Almoferro.
It is a family business run by José Almodóvar, who with great enthusiasm, effort and hard work maintains the trust of all his customers, who are not few every day.

.At Ferretería Almoferro you will always receive friendly, professional and trustworthy treatment, thanks to the know-how of its manager José Almodóvar. In this establishment you will find all the tools and hardware products you need. In addition to José’s experience, the Almoferro hardware store is affiliated to the great organisation Cadena 88, which is the first organisation of independent ironmongers in Spain, which is no mean feat.

This organisation, created in 1988, thanks to its constant growth and innovation, has overcome all the crises that have occurred since its foundation, and is currently the most dynamic purchasing and service centre in the metal sector.

Cadena 88 is managed by Ehlis, S.A., the largest hardware distributor in the country, which with its powerful human and logistic structure offers the necessary guarantees to increase the profitability of the associated businesses. Cadena 88 and therefore Ferreteria Almoferro offers its customers specific tools and material for all its customers.
In addition, in Almoferro hardware store you will find a wide range, all the tools and materials that you may need for your house or flat in the field of DIY, professional, amateur or accidental.
Descubre Almuñécar also wants to emphasize the value for money of this establishment, as well as the fact that if necessary they also take home to their customers the products that do not fit in the car.
For all these reasons, and much more, we recommend Ferreteria Almoferro in Almuñecar for any DIY repairs.

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