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How to get to Almuñécar from Malaga airport

Aeropuerto de Málaga

When we start a vacation, the first moments are always disturbing and among those sensations, the concern of reaching your destination, Almuñécar, can be one of them.

Therefore we wanted to help you to move with whatever transport, always have a route map and you can travel through Spain with peace of mind.

How to get to Almuñécar? Traveling along the Costa del Sol

Of course there are many ways to get to Almuñécar depending on where you come from, so in case you arrive from Malaga airport we are going to explain below the most feasible options you have.

1. Bus from Malaga airport to Almuñécar

Taking a bus although it is one of the cheapest options, the number of services between the Malaga airport and Almuñécar is really scarce. Sometimes getting to just two trips a day.

The duration is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. The journey is usually direct.

In case of carrying delicate or high-value luggage, we do not recommend this option since the trunk of the buses is not provided for such care.

2. Rent a car at Malaga airport or travel in your private car

Another option is that you have your own private car, either your own or for rent. In that case we recommend the following route:

  • From the airport look for the exit that takes you towards A-7. This road is indicated as the direction Córdoba / Motril / Granada.
  • Take the 305 in the direction of N-340a towards La Herradura / Almuñécar.

This journey takes approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes.

It is comfortable if you bring your own car to transport the luggage and most importantly, to be able to enjoy the mobility that you please at all times.

Bahia Sexi Rent a Car, car rental in Almuñécar

If you need to rent a vehicle, both at the airport and in Almuñécar, you will find this service at the local Almuñécar company that also offers service at Malaga Airport. Browse through their website to find all kinds of prices and opportunities.

There are also other services in the city such as Rent a Car Joya.

3. Taxi service from Malaga Airport to Almuñecar

Another possibility, although perhaps the most expensive, to get to Almuñécar is by taxi. There are several options if you want to use this option.

You can go to the airport gate where you will find the taxi station but you may encounter long queues, as well as unaffordable prices as they add extra charges for luggage, passengers, mileage and different needs you may have.

There is also the possibility of pre-booking a taxi from Almuñécar with a closed price and without supplements, which means that you will know from the beginning the total price of your transfer from Malaga airport to Almuñecar.

4. Private transfer service from Malaga airport to Almuñécar

But if you want to not worry about driving and experience a relaxing vacation at the hands of expert drivers, you can consider the option of traveling by private transport obtaining the car you need for your luggage and companions.

Although within the options already explained this is the most expensive, it is undoubtedly the most comfortable as well as it will suit all your needs and you will not have to worry about anything other than looking out the window at the beautiful landscape you find to get to Almuñécar.

We present some of the options you have to choose your private transfer from Malaga airport.

Companies like Suntransfers that offer luxury routes at a high price, a quality service but not affordable for all budgets.

Or also HolidayTaxis a private transfer services broker, something similar to the previous company happening.

That is why we want to tell you about the private taxi company that we offer in Almuñécar, a way to help the local company and to enjoy your transfer at an appropriate and feasible price for all types of vacations.

Autosexi, the Almuñécar transfer company that will complete your vacation

In Autosexi, the company of transfers and taxis hired in advance, originally from Almuñécar, with delegation at Malaga airport and throughout the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical.

You will find drivers with long experience, the possibility of finding low cost rates with high-end cars such as Mercedes, Audi and other premium and Top Class options. Complying with the prevention measures established by the government, with prices within your reach and with availability to a team of professionals who will answer any questions you have.

What will you find when you arrive in Almuñécar?

Not only good weather awaits you in the city, but also many leisure activities to explore. But if you want to know the city like a local, do not hesitate to check our section on local festivals, as well as where to eat in Almuñécar and also how fun it is to go to places like Loro Sexi Park.


  1. anny deveughele June 10, 2021

    Pourriez vous me donner les heures des bus de 1) l’aéroport de Malaga vers Almunecar
    2) du centre de Malaga vers Almunecar
    D’avance un grand merci pour ces renseignements.
    Je précise que je suis une personne âgée (83 ans) donc si vous le voulez bien…je voudrais des renseignements façils à comprendre.
    Encore tous mes remerciements

    1. Team August 30, 2021

      Cher lecteur, nous vous remercions pour votre commentaire et nous souhaitons vous aider en vous proposant le site ALSA afin que vous puissiez consulter correctement les horaires de bus. Nous espérons pouvoir continuer à vous aider en partageant du contenu sur Almuñécar qui vous sera utile pour vos vacances. Merci.


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