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Mediterráneo Park, Taramay.


This is a municipal park in Almuñécar with a surface area of almost 40,000 square metres, designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. It can be found in the Taramay area, on the coast between several of Almuñécar’s most emblematic beaches.

The Mediterranean Park is situated along the steep cliffs at the eastern end of Almuñécar and stretches along the top of four different beaches: Playa Pozuelo, Playa Calabajio, Playa Cabria and Playa Curumbico.

Specifically, this park is located on the outskirts of the town. At the exit of Almuñécar heading east towards Salobreña on the N-340 from where you can see the big pink hotel called Hotel Playa Cálida. The park is just below this hotel.

Just as you approach the entrance to the Mediterranean Park, there is a BMX bike park. This is a great area for children to ride bikes and also hosts events every year.

parque del mediterraneo 2

In this park we can find a wide variety of vegetation, among trees and plants, being the most significant the Pines, the Eucalyptus and the Olive trees, and some typical species of the Mediterranean climate, the perfect place for a walk. In addition, it must be said that the Parque del Mediterráneo stretches along the coast of Sexta, and makes its way through paths, roundabouts and viewpoints of the Costa del Sol Tropical of Granada.

The Mediterranean Park stretches from Pozuelo beach in the west to Cabria beach in the east. It follows a wonderful main and natural path, as we have already mentioned, ideal for a quiet walk surrounded by nature, but very close to the city and the beach. It is therefore a perfect place to let the children run around.

Between the trails there are small slopes, which you should take into account before setting off, as you can do the whole circuit of the trail following it up and down, or just part of it, but one way or another you will always be surprised and will have the opportunity to discover beaches, restaurants and beautiful views.

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Also thanks to its great sea views surrounded by trees and nature, which basically makes up the typical Mediterranean mountain environment, it is a place where many couples go to have their wedding or first communion photos taken or celebrate their wedding.

It is impossible to talk about this park and not mention that in its more than 38.000 square metres we can find many points that are real panoramic viewpoints, and that leads to three magnificent beaches of fine black sand such as: Playa El Pozuelo, Playa Calabajío and Playa de Cabria.

This is a newly built park by the sea. For this reason, the environment of the park has evolved a lot throughout its years of existence, since it was inaugurated approximately a little more than a decade ago. It was first planted with exotic vegetation, trees and cacti and has since grown into a truly impressive and beautiful place.

The paths are wide and in good condition making this a great park for morning walks or a place to take the kids (or pets) to play.
Some of the trails are very steep but the views from the top are well worth it. There are also rest areas to enjoy the views.

If you are sightseeing or visiting Almuñécar or La Herradura, we recommend a nice walk in the Parque Mediterráneo.

How to get to Mediterráneo Park?

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