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Miguel Polo Castillo – Seguros Occident

Miguel Polo Castillo – Seguros Occident

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For more than three decades, Miguel Polo Castillo has proven to be a visionary and the pioneer of the first and only Occident Insurance Agency in Almuñécar, the oldest Mediterranean city in Spain. Despite economic challenges, such as the brick crisis, the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and even the recent war in Ukraine, this family business has maintained its position as the Only Leading Exclusive Insurance Agency in the West.

Continuity and trust thanks to our exceptional approach

The sustained success of Miguel Polo Castillo is due to his outstanding work, professionalism and extensive knowledge in the sector. At Discover Almuñécar, we know that this continuity is not the result of chance or luck, but of the firm commitment to keep our customers satisfied, providing them with exceptional service and solving their needs efficiently.

At the Miguel Polo Castillo agency, we offer a wide range of insurance and financial products that include: car, home, life, health, SMEs, commerce and civil liability for professionals, among others. Our location at Avda. Juan Carlos I number 16 in Almuñécar, in the center of the Costa Tropical in the province of Granada, allows us to provide a close and convenient service.

Why choose Miguel Polo Castillo – Seguros Catalana Occidente?

The answer is: Our values ​​are to serve the client efficiently and faithfully. These are our premises :

1. Transparency: We provide our clients with clear and detailed information so that they know every step we take for their benefit. We seek to generate a relationship of mutual trust.

2. Honesty: Honesty is the basis of our way of working. We express ourselves frankly and coherently, always prioritizing the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

3. Competition: We have relevant skills and knowledge in our field, which allows us to make the right decisions for the benefit of our clients.

4. Empathy: We care about the needs of our clients. We listen and understand your concerns, putting ourselves in your place with empathy. This personalized attention adds exceptional value to our work.

5. Fulfillment of promises and commitments: We behave responsibly and diligently, generating absolute trust in all our clients.

6. Integrity: We always act based on solid ethical and moral principles, avoiding any conflict of interest.

7. Effective communication: We communicate clearly, openly and bidirectionally with our clients, thus strengthening our bond with them.

8. Wide variety of insurance: As we mentioned before, we offer a wide range of insurance, including life, health, home, commercial and much more. We cover all needs, offering personalized and competitive products in the market.

9. We overcome language barriers for fluid communication. At our agency, we speak English, French and German to serve international clients. We are proud to be the preferred agency for foreigners in Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical of Granada. Your language will not be an obstacle, as we are here to provide you with friendly and respectful service no matter where you come from.

10. We form a united family. We consider our clients as part of our family. We are fully committed to your interests, tirelessly fighting for your satisfaction. Our goal is to make you feel at home.

Discover Almuñecar recommends Occident Insurance

For all these reasons, at Discover Almuñécar we encourage you to trust authentic professionals for all your insurance, whether it is for your car, home, life, health, SMEs, commerce and civil liability for professionals, as well as for financial products. With us, you can enjoy the peace of mind and confidence you need in the face of any eventuality. Do not hesitate, choose Seguros Occident from the hand of Miguel Polo Castillo.

How to get to Miguel Polo Castillo - Seguros Occident Insurance in Almuñécar?

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