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Claves de Almuñécar Museum


In this Interpretation Center we can begin the tourist-cultural visit of Almuñécar to learn about aspects related to history and culture, customs and traditions, the tropical world, nature or tourism.

Through a tour based on interactive resources and with an attractive design, the visitor can get a first approach to know the different resources of the municipality.

Almuñécar is not only sun, beach and beach bar tourism, it is a millenary city, the oldest on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, with a rich past, a wide culture and millenary traditions, because all peoples and civilisations have passed through it from ancient times to the present day.

Testimony to this are all the vestiges that can be found throughout the length and breadth of the city, the beaches and its tropical fertile plain.

But if we want to go much deeper into the knowledge of all the cultures that have passed through here, to learn about their roots and their entire past, which is a reflection of the History of Humanity, then we must visit the Museo Claves de Almuñécar, because it is an exhibition, didactic and permanent installation that reveals to all who visit it the entire past of the city of Sexitana, all surrounded by a privileged enclave in which History, traditions and respect for nature coexist.

Furthermore, this interactive museum offers its visitors the latest exhibition resources together with the most modern audiovisual technologies.

Thus, through an imposing interactive model, graphics, audiovisuals in different formats, scenographies and original pieces, the Claves de Almuñécar Museum -3,000 years of history- brings remote times closer to the people of Sexitano today and opens a door of complicity to the foreign public.

The Claves de Almuñécar Museum opened to the public at the end of 2009, thanks to the funds provided by the Tourism Excellence Plan, which has now been improved on the initiative of the Almuñécar Tourist Board.

It is a reference point for tourist information on the Costa Tropical and the Costa del Sol, an informative and interactive space aimed at visitors interested in learning about the different civilisations that have populated the municipality of Sexitano, its culture, traditions and the geographical evolution of the municipality over the years, a very attractive space for groups of students, tourists and local residents.

The museum is located in the Casa de la Cultura de Almuñécar, and is currently managed by the Council’s Department of Culture.
It is a fully accessible building for everyone, as, although it has two floors, the whole area is connected and adapted with ramps.

Throughout the tour you can see scale models; archaeological pieces found in the surrounding area; holograms; all kinds of images and photographs; explanatory panels; texts; and documentary videos, all of which show the richness of a historical and cultural heritage.

A space that combines the past of Almuñécar and La Herradura, highlighting the richness of the people and cultures that have permeated its history, while approaching the tourist or agricultural reality of the present day to conclude with the practical aspects, as it also offers all the information on the tourist offer of the municipality of Almuñécar and its surroundings.

Because knowing the past in order to live the present and improve the future is the best way to prepare ourselves for the challenges of the future, be sure to visit the Museo Claves de Almuñécar -3,000 years of history.


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