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Peña Escrita Park

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Peña Escrita Park


An alternative to rural tourism, it is a natural park where you can go hiking, visit the zoo facilities, and enjoy a good fire in the fireplace during winter or a barbecue in summer.

During the winter is focused you can enjoy the tranquility surrounded by nature, in a rural environment. It has restaurant service, rental of cabins to stay in and small vacations. During the summer they keep a pool open in which to cool off in the middle of nature and enjoy unparalleled views of the coast.

Peña Escrito is a park in the middle of nature and its access, although paved, has steep slopes. During the journey, tropical crops are left behind while ascending the road, you can see how the landscape changes until it is a mountain environment. During the journey we find viewpoints that give us a complete perspective of Almuñécar.

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cabina parque peña escrita
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One of the main attractions of the park is its accommodation. That serves as the basis for the various activities available. Any of its cabins serves as a refuge after a hard day of hiking on one of the various routes available.

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animals peña escrita
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In addition to the natural setting that surrounds the park. There is also a zoo where many species from the area are exhibited such as the Iberian wolf, brown bear or lynx and some more exotic species such as Bengal tigers, hippos, bison, zebras.

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