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The pilgrimage of San Isidro in Almuñecar

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The pilgrimage of San Isidro in Almuñecar


In Almuñécar, during the month of May, the pilgrimage of San Isidro is celebrated. This festival celebrates the saint of the farmers and has been held for more than 20 years.
The 15th of May is when it is celebrated and the streets of Almuñécar are filled with people who want to see the saint passing by after the mass that takes place in the Church of San Salvador, from where the pilgrimage begins, making a route that takes in a large part of the centre of the town of Almuñécar.

A peculiarity of this pilgrimage is that horse-drawn carriages can be seen, which their owners take great pains to decorate with beautiful flowers, palms and traditional decorations of this festivity. Behind the carts, people can join together to follow the route that San Isidro must pass through.

An endearing experience and, of course, an eye-catching one for tourists who do not have this type of celebration in their country of origin.

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