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Restaurante Boto’s

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Restaurante Boto’s

Restaurante Boto´s

Just a few metres from the shore on San Cristóbal beach, you will find this beach bar specialising in paellas and fresh fish. With paellas such as mixed paella and seafood paella. A restaurant where you can enjoy the best fresh fish accompanied by a view of the peñon del santo and in the distance the marina to the east.

Dishes you must try:

  • paella
  • fresh fish
  • fish
  • rice dishes
  • sardine skewers
  • seafood
  • grilled prawns
  • Assorted salads

Servicios disponibles

  • English spoken
  • Français parlé
  • terrace available
  • WIFI available
  • payment by credit card

Contact for reservations:

958 634 657

Weekday opening hours:

10:00 a 24:00

Weekend opening hours:

10:00 a 24:00

Days closed for staff rest:


Opposite the Hotel Helios on the mythical beach of San Cristóbal de Almuñécar we find the chiringuito run by José Ruiz Botos.

A hotelier with extensive experience in the catering sector, because at the early age of 17 he began his professional career in this sector at the Hotel Portamar where he remained for 18 months as an apprentice.

He then took the reins as manager of the Cafeteria La Sirena, a business owned by the illustrious Julio Guerrero, where he increased his curriculum until he was 22 years old and was called up by the Spanish State to do his military service, when it was still obligatory to parade to swear the oath of allegiance.

On his return from his military service in the early seventies of the 20th century, in 1971, he set up his own prefabricated beach bar in the same place, opposite the Hotel Helios on the beach of San Cristóbal de Almuñécar, where we now find the Chiringuito Boto’s, a classic of the summers in the town of Almuñécar.

Already in 1983, an extensive reform was carried out to replace the reeds and prefabricated panels with a real chiringuito, which remained unchanged for more than thirty years, until in 2016 a major reform was carried out which left it with its current modern appearance.

It is, of course, a family business that enjoys a high reputation among the inhabitants and tourists of Almuñécar, La Herradura and the Costa del Sol Tropical.

This is not surprising because in the extensive menu of this veteran chiringuito we have to highlight for its unbeatable quality the fresh fish of the day cooked in the oven, on the back, grilled or on skewers and the salads with tropical fruits so classic of the area, as well as soups, omelettes, pastas, starters such as the Tirana Mussels (with tomato sauce) and vegetables that complement the menu.

As well as its rice specialities, from black rice with local seafood to mixed paella. And of course in its menu there is no shortage of meat and seafood, as a good beach bar we are in front of.

And before leaving we must mention their homemade desserts: flan, custard and delicious rice pudding.

There is nothing like enjoying all the delicacies that Chiringuito Boto’s offers in its lounge or on its terrace, or enjoying a hammock next to the beach, with the sound of the waves in the background, in a warm atmosphere thanks to the privileged climate of the Costa del Sol Tropical, and with views of the emblematic and mystical Peñón del Santo, unmistakable symbol of Almuñécar, and on the other side and in the distance Marina del Este, a luxury within everyone’s reach.

We are not wrong when we say that Chiringuito Boto’s in Almuñécar is a little piece of heaven on earth by the beach, far from the stress and crowds of other busier tourist beach areas such as Marbella or Fuengirola.


mixed frying ration


fried rosada


seafood paella

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