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Restaurante Chiringuito la Sardina


Dishes you must try:

  • sardine skewers
  • fish
  • grilled fish
  • paella
  • fresh fish
  • fried fish
  • grilled prawns
  • grilled shrimps
  • Assorted salads
  • meats
  • migas
  • select wine cellar
  • rice dishes
  • seafood

Servicios disponibles

  • English spoken
  • Français parlé
  • disabled access
  • terrace available
  • wi-fi available
  • payment by card

Contact for reservations:

958 88 28 66
958 64 01 11

Weekday opening hours:

10:00 – 24:00

Weekend opening hours:

10:00 – 24:00

Página web

página de facebook

This chiringuito has been operating on the beautiful beach of La Herradura since the year 1974, although at that time it was still a completely dismountable chiringuito, built every summer season with wooden planks and a reed roof, at the time when this type of business began to open with workers from the sea (sailors, fishermen…) converted into hoteliers.

From the beginning, the chiringuito La Sardina has been run by the Cabrera de Haro family, the precursors being the couple formed by José and Amalia. Later all their children have joined the project, making it a totally family business, in the centre of the beach of La Herradura on the Costa del Sol Tropical.

Later, with the arrival of the new decade, in 1980 and with the beginning of the tourism boom in Almuñécar and La Herradura, the first reforms were necessary and a new building was constructed to leave behind the precariousness of the dismountable chiringuito. Although at this time it was still a seasonal business, which only opened its doors during the summer season.

Once we entered the 1990s, it adapted to the new trends and demands of tourism, and the quality of the premises improved thanks to the reforms and the fact that the couple’s children took over the reins, totally professionalising the business, and raising the bar in all aspects for a more demanding clientele, which was increasing every year.

With the new millennium and the new coastal laws in 2016, coinciding with the entry into the business of the third generation of this family, the last reform to date is made, and finally breaks the seasonality of the sector by opening its doors to its customers throughout the year, in modern facilities at the foot of paradise that is the beach of La Herradura, in the centre of the Paseo Andres Segovia, main artery of the town.

And thanks to the experience accumulated over three generations of the same family, working day by day to improve, today we can say without fear of being wrong, that we are one of the classic beach bars of La Herradura beach. Where you can enjoy the best taste of classic Mediterranean cuisine, feeling the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea itself, on the beachfront, with a privileged microclimate. And taste its specialities: seafood stews, “chisquillas” from Motril, rock fish, seafood and rice dishes, baked turbot (wild sea bass) and the star dish on its menu: the grilled sardine skewer.

Enjoy the authentic traditional flavour, with the highest quality, and all the professionalism thanks to the work of a family dedicated body and soul to the classic and Mediterranean cuisine in the Chiringuito La Sardina in such a privileged place, far from the crowds of other areas of the coast, as is the beach of La Herradura.

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