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Restaurante el Árbol Blanco


Restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian touch. It has a large terrace for a quiet dinner away from the crowds. Its culinary offerings include good meat, such as its entrecote and its excellent oxtail, accompanied by good wines from its select wine cellar.

Platos que debes probar:

  • dried octopus
  • fish
  • meats
  • oxtail
  • ham
  • Galician octopus
  • entrecote
  • ox steak
  • sirloin steak
  • suckling pig chops with honey
  • iberian sausages
  • Assorted salads
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Homemade coquettes
  • Assorted tapas
  • Aubergines with honey

Servicios disponibles

  • English spoken
  • Français parlé
  • telephone booking
  • Handicapped accessible
  • WiFi available
  • Celiacs

Contact for reservations:

958 63 16 29

Weekday opening hours:

13:00 – 16:00; 19:00- 23:00

Weekend opening hours:

13:00 – 16:00; 19:00- 23:00

Staff rest days:

Wednesday, except public holidays.

Daily menu:

Menu from Monday to Friday

In an unbeatable location on Avenida Costa del Sol, right in the Costa Banana urbanisation in Almuñécar, the owner of Restaurante El Árbol Blanco, Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez, who is also a chef with a great deal of experience in the kitchen, welcomes us with open arms in his kitchens, now undergoing renovation, as he started in the world of catering and hospitality at the early age of 22 in 2004.

A little later, when the Macarena de Los del Río was triumphing in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, to broaden his horizons he went to work in the neighbouring town of Nerja, in the Mama Rosa restaurant, and two years later in 1998 he returned to his home town to work in the restaurant Mama Rosa.

1998 he returned to his home town to work this time in the Almazara Restaurant, which has now closed its doors to the public opposite the Hotel Carmen, although his CV also includes the famous El Río restaurant in Vélez de Benaudalla, which is located on the banks of a meander of the river Guadalfeo next to what is known as the old “beach road” in Granada (N-323 Bailén-Motril).

But his continuous desire to grow and improve professionally took him to the rainy lands of faraway Ireland for a year, and during his journey outside the Iberian Peninsula before returning to be a prophet in his own land, he also spent some time in the Balearic Islands, specifically Menorca, where he encountered mass tourism.

Until his return to his home town, where he will work in the restaurants Gabbiano in La Herradura and China Sol also in Almuñécar.

For all this, now his restaurant specialises in local, natural and seasonal products, which thanks to the privileged subtropical climate of Almuñécar are of great quality, and although the menu of his restaurant is not very extensive, we can not forget that it is very loved and admired throughout the Costa del Sol Tropical.

In addition, since 2015, Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez also runs another very comfortable restaurant on the beach of Velilla, next to the water park and the coast, with a very quiet and cozy atmosphere, and of course with unbeatable views of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are several dishes that must be highlighted, such as the turbot with champagne, which is simply delicious, as well as the fish casserole.

Although the Costa Banana restaurant is currently being refurbished, all its regular customers and those who come for tourism are anxious for its reopening, scheduled for the spring of 2010, because nobody wants to miss the pleasure of savouring a dish prepared by our great chef.

How to get to Restaurante el Árbol Blanco?


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1 Comment

  1. Al G April 17, 2022

    Hicimos reserva unos días antes para disfrutar de sus vistas. Un sitio encantador con vistas al mar. Cuando llegamos nos sentamos en nuestra mesa y todo iba como debería ser, se pidió la comanda cuando aún las mesas de alrededor no habían sido ocupadas…todo iba como debería ser…. Sorpresa! Cuando a todas las mesas de alrededor, ocupadas después, y tomada la comanda aún más tarde, comienzan a sacarle la misma todo poco a poco y a nosotros nada de nada. Con lo que llamo a su personal y le pregunto si hay algún problema e intentan hacerme parecer que esa gente estaba antes cuando no era así. Entramos a las 14:30, y a las 15:30 nos sirven uno de los cuatro primeros entrantes; y. Trozo de paté de la casa para siete personas … Con lo cual vuelvo a preguntar y realizar mi queja ante el servicio… Continúa el almuerzo, claro está para otras mesas, menos para la nuestra… Y vuelvo a quejarme. Y a las 16:05 traen una ensalada que era uno de los cuatro primeros entrantes, vuelvo a decir que éramos siete personas. Y a los 10 minutos la segunda ensalada. El cuarto entrante lo sirven con el pescado que habíamos pedido y junto con los segundos… Todo a la vez… Y todo a comérselo frío porque lo traen a las 16:45 todo de golpe…. Pésimo! Pésimo! Pésimo! Servicio. Y encima escudándose de que no era culpa de ellos. Primero, como bien indicamos, nos sirven las ensaladas primero, y los dos entrantes, luego el pescado como indicamos y luego las carnes como indicamos cuando se hizo la comanda antes de que viniera la gente de alrededor que comería allí… Pero no fué así… Un despropósito muy grande por parte de su personal que no corrigieron el error y les importó poco nuestra visita. NO VOLVERÉ en la vida…. Hay muchiiiisimos buenos lugares en Almuñecar para disfrutar de su comida y su servicio sin aguantar las impertinencias de su personal.


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