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Restaurante Firmvm

Restaurante Firmvm - Almuñécar

The Firmvm restaurant has a dynamic, seasonal menu that reflects a modern cuisine, inspired by the values of traditional gastronomy and the culinary legacy of our ancestors, but using avant-garde cooking techniques. The quality of the product and above all the flavour are the hallmarks of the firmvm restaurant.

Dishes you must try:

  • select wine cellar
  • fresh fish
  • fish
  • ham
  • meats
  • roast octopus
  • entrecote
  • ox steak
  • sirloin steak
  • lamb
  • large tapas
  • rice
  • black rice
  • rice with lobster
  • coconut croquettes
  • duck

Services available

  • English spoken
  • Français parlé
  • deutsch gesprochen
  • Telephone reservation
  • Air conditioning
  • Handicapped access
  • Disabled access
  • Terrace available
  • WiFi available
  • Celiacs
  • Card payment
  • halal

Contact for reservations:

958 633 565
636 458 019

Weekday opening hours:

13:30 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 23:30

Weekend opening hours:

13:30 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 23:30

Staff rest days:

Sunday evening to Wednesday midday.

Daily menu:

Seasonal menu: Lunches only, starter, main course, main course of choice and dessert. One drink included. 30 € – vat included

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This time in Discover Almuñécar we present you one of the most prestigious restaurants in Almuñécar, El Restaurante Firmvn, which takes its name from the name given by the Roman Empire when it took possession of the city back in 49 BC, Sexi Firmvn Iulia.

This restaurant is in an unbeatable location right in the centre of the old town of the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, in the recently remodelled Damascus Square.

This is a first class restaurant with a very dynamic and seasonal menu, always with top quality products, to which we must add the care and passion with which they work, as well as their special principles which are a cuisine based on traditional values, but using the latest cooking techniques. All of this under the guidance of a great professional chef, Sergio González, who has made the hallmarks of one of the best restaurants on the Costa del Sol Tropical to be the quality of the product and the flavour. It is therefore no coincidence that he has recently been nominated for the annual gastronomic award organised by the newspaper Ideal.

Offering a very careful menu where new flavours are explored, with an exquisite presentation and service, as well as offering a wide variety of tapas, let’s not forget that we are in the province of Granada, famous for its tapas. It is also worth noting that there is a special place for vegans on the extensive menu. Not forgetting the desserts, which are another highly recommended experience.

Among other dishes, most of their customers highlight among the tapas the juicy mini hamburgers and the aubergine millefeuille. And many of their regular customers also recommend the risotto with octopus, the croquettes of choco with mango mayonnaise, without forgetting the almadraba tuna, which can be presented in countless ways, but all of them exquisite.

A visit to the Firmvn restaurant is a must for anyone spending a few days in Almuñécar, La Herradura or any other town on the Costa del Sol Tropical, as it is also a very good alternative to seafood cuisine.

For all these reasons, and many more pleasant surprises that you will discover in Firmvn restaurant, out of 301 opinions in Tripadvisor, 234 place it as excellent, with an average of 4.5 out of 5 and in Restauranteguru it has an average of 4.6 out of 5, and in more specialised pages it is also close to perfection.

Special salad from the restaurant Firmvm Almuñécar
Codfish restaurant Firmvm Almuñécar
Salmon special restaurant Firmvm Almuñécar
Octopus tentacles with wrinkled potatoes, restaurant Firmvm Almuñécar
Sirloin steak restaurant Firmvm

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