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Rio Verde Pharmacy


From a family dedicated since the 19th century to health care and natural medicine.

We have been working for the people of Almuñécar since 1989, and in 2010 we moved to this beautiful spot on the banks of the Río Verde, next to the paddle tennis courts, an area with large gardens and sports facilities, in keeping with our philosophy of natural and ecological health.

Healthy minds for healthy bodies.

Happiness is important, and it is achieved by maintaining healthy and clean bodies and minds.

For us your health comes first, our experience is our guarantee.

Thinking of you is why we have a parking area with access free of architectural barriers.

We are an apothecary with extensive experience in natural medicine, herbalism, preventive medicine and dietetics based on healthy Mediterranean nutrition.

We pay great attention to hygiene, natural and hypoallergenic dermocosmetics with leading brands Isdin, L’Oréal, La Roche-Posay, Ceravé ….

All this without forgetting our veterinary section, as a pet, as well as our companion, can be our best medicine, because if they are healthy and happy, you will be too.

We advise you on nutrition and dietetics, natural dermocosmetics, natural medicine, herbalism and of course the medication prescribed by your doctor for you and your pet.

Nowadays, when there is so much talk about ecology, environment and pollution, we preach a rational use of medicines, because if medicines are not prescribed by a doctor or if they are abused, they increase pollution, they are no longer beneficial and become a poison for the body and the environment.
We look after your health and the ecology for which we have a clean point where you can leave your expired medicines.


+34 958 88 30 89

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