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Rural Resort Cortijo Fandango

Rural Resort Cortijo Fandango


Discover Almuñecar presents the Cortijo Fandango Rural Complex, a new way to enjoy all the charm of Almuñécar and La Herradura, and the nature that surrounds these two population centers that are the heart of tourism and well-being of the Tropical Coast of Granada and right on the border with the Costa del Sol of the neighboring province of Malaga.

What is the origin of the Cortijos?

A farmhouse was a widespread construction in southern Spain, mainly in La Mancha, Andalusia and Extremadura, scattered throughout rural areas. It had a very spacious main house and other rooms intended for work in the field that surrounded it. Its heyday was in the 18th century, and the expression “Andalusian farmhouse” spread rapidly, although the word “cortijo” is used for all similar forms of dispersed rural habitat.


Currently there are many ruined farmhouses scattered in the rural areas and countryside of Andalusia, others still continue to function as such, although with new techniques and the advancement of technology they are no longer as functional and necessary as in the past.

And most importantly, others like Cortijo Fandango have managed to evolve and adapt to new times, and become authentic rural paradises for their visitors’ vacation stays, as well as perfect places for event celebrations (weddings, conferences, communions, baptisms). , business meetings, birthdays, barbecues, bachelor and bachelorette parties…).

Cortijo Fandango a great project

The Cortijo Fandango rural complex is a project promoted by Isaac, and it is an authentic and spectacular rural oasis, just six kilometers from La Herradura.
It consists of three independent and charming farmhouses that are perfectly equipped like a five-star hotel, which will make its guests feel in a true paradise, in addition to its swimming pools.


The Rooms

Two of these comfortable farmhouses have 2 bedrooms and the last three, but all are surrounded by living nature, between the mountains and the sea, away from the noise of the city and cars, creating an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and connection with nature. nature. Perfect to spend a few days and relax, listening to the sounds of nature such as the chirping of the different species of birds that frequent the place.

And all this because every corner of these rooms perfectly combines the warmth of tradition with the comfort of modernity. In each and every room we can enjoy air conditioning, even the pools are heated with hydromassage. Then in the kitchens, a very important room in the farmhouses, right now they are equipped with the most advanced appliances. Obviously, even though we are in rural areas, there is a good Internet connection.

An Oasis in the middle of Paradise. What more could you ask for?

But let’s stop talking about the interior, and look outside, because the views from Cortijo Fandango are simply spectacular, since from here we can see the mountains, the forests and even the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, all visitors to Cortijo Fandango experience a feeling of freedom, tranquility and spaciousness seeing everything from this perspective…

Furthermore, after sunset from the Cortijo Fandango and due to the absence of light pollution you can enjoy the starry sky and our satellite the Moon. An ideal place to enjoy the Tears of San Lorenzo or Perseids in mid-August, or any other shower of shooting stars.


Other activities

From Cortijo Fandango you can start many activities and visit countless places, such as excursions on foot, by bicycle, or visiting La Herradura and Almuñécar, the oldest city in the Mediterranean in Spain with its ancient history, its beaches, its monuments and its museums; visit the city of Granada that needs no introduction… La Alpujarra, the Sierra Nevada Natural Park with the southernmost ski resort in all of Europe…

Come and see the Cortijo Fandango Rural Complex

Don’t wait for them to tell you, come and enjoy your stay in the middle of nature, very close to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, with a privileged climate at any time of the year, also close to the mountains and the Natural Parks, with a almost infinite range of recreational, sporting, cultural and relaxing activities. As well as the ideal place to organize your events.

Don’t hesitate, make your reservation now through Instagram at the Cortijo Fandango Rural Complex.

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  1. Jose M. Sentillas June 12, 2024

    May be a wonderful place. but we read nothing about, that in the middle of the complex there are houses, were people live in. They will not be happy about this events. They want to live there in peace. And not be surrounded by events and fiestas.. And may be they dont like, dhat the nature dissapears behind concret everywhere.


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