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San Miguel festivities 2023 in Almuñécar

San Miguel festivities 2023 in Almuñécar


As a prelude to the end of summer, Almuñécar bids farewell to its visitors with the San Miguel neighborhood festivities. These festivities take place in the Castle neighborhood, of which San Miguel Arcángel is the patron saint. The festivities that take place on the weekend from September 29 to October 1, have their peak day on September 29 with the procession of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Miguel’s Neighborhood Festivals

Almuñécar is a city divided into different neighborhoods according to the areas, and each neighborhood has its own idiosyncrasy of festivals and patron saints. In the town, summer is said goodbye and autumn is welcomed with the festivities of the Barrio de San Miguel, specifically on September 29, when the festivities are celebrated in honor of its patron saint, the Archangel San Miguel.

We have to highlight that the San Miguel neighborhood festivities are the ones that have the most roots in the city, and there is a wide participation of neighbors and visitors, who come to enjoy the music, gastronomy and the festive atmosphere, in addition to some events. and traditional events of this festival. In addition, these days the “Tourism Day” is also celebrated, organized by the Tourist Board.

Among the events that are celebrated on September 29 and after are sports games, cucañas, popular festivals and the beautification of the streets and houses of the neighborhood with flags, pennants and other decorative elements for this purpose.

As we have already pointed out, the most important day is September 29, when the image of the Archangel San Miguel goes out in procession through the different streets of the neighborhood. This begins in the Arab castle that fills the hill of the same name and takes place between Rocío songs to the delight of all participants, tourists and onlookers.

San Miguel Arcangel

Archangel Saint Michael is, according to Judeo-Christian tradition, the leader of the armies of God. The name Michael means: “Who is like God?” Furthermore, for Christians he is the protector of the Universal Church and is the first of the seven archangels.

It must also be said that according to biblical mythology, the Archangel Saint Michael is the one who defeated Lucifer or Satan, the Fallen Angel and who challenged God, which is why he is always represented with Roman armor wielding a sword or a spear and subduing a demon, a dragon or a snake.

But in addition to being a warrior who conquers evil, he is also considered the advocate of God’s people and is therefore represented weighing souls on a scale.

Castle neighborhood or San Miguel neighborhood

The Barrio de San Miguel, also known as Barrio del Castillo, is the neighborhood that covers the slope of one of the most emblematic monuments of the town, the Castillo de San Miguel. This is the historic neighborhood of the city of Sexita, of Arab origin, which still preserves the typical structure of Muslim neighborhoods. The area has many short, narrow streets and alleys, a cobblestone floor and one- or two-story whitewashed houses.

The Castle of San Miguel

It has been an Asset of Cultural Interest for more than thirty years and a national monument since 1931, it is located crowning the hill of the same name.

Although there are stories that a Greek and later Carthaginian fortress existed in that same location. Its greatest milestones and its effective construction date back to medieval times and at the hands of the Muslims. Later, during the time of Charles V, towers and other rooms were added. Currently this monument can be visited, and also has the Siete Palacios Cave Museum in its surroundings, a very interesting place in which to further discover the town’s past.

A perfect time to visit Almuñécar

Due to the microclimate of Almuñécar and La Herradura, they are two population centers that can be visited at any time of the year, but we cannot fail to highlight that this time of year is perfect to visit them, because there are no longer so many tourists, the The climate is very mild and pleasant and we can also enjoy the San Miguel festivities.

Come enjoy the San Miguel Festivities!

Discover Almuñécar invites you to come visit Almuñécar and enjoy the festivities of the San Miguel neighborhood, the historic neighborhood par excellence of an ancient city.

Don’t miss it and don’t wait for them to tell you about it, come and enjoy it.

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