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Holy Week in Almuñécar 2023

Holy Week in Almuñécar 2023


Spring and good weather arrive in Almuñécar and with it the expected Holy Week. It is a long-awaited week because there are no longer any restrictions due to the pandemic that we have suffered and there is also a prediction of good weather for the week of March 31 to April 9.

Throughout Andalusia, the week of Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is lived with great devotion, in every city, town, village… the classic processions are celebrated. Which consist of carrying on the shoulders through the main streets of the city an image of a specific moment of the Passion of Christ, the image is carried on the shoulders of the “costaleros”, and is accompanied by a great parade of penitents with their classic hats in cone-shaped, the music band, the army, sometimes also the police, animal chariots, and in the most spectacular cases even the Roman legions accompany the procession.

The parade of processions through the main streets of Almuñécar begins on Palm Sunday, which this year is on April 2.

All the Tradition

The smell of incense, the devotion, the feeling is Holy Week in the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, 16 brotherhoods that prepare very well throughout the year, rehearsing and preparing to live Holy Week with all their faith.

The penance stations (processions) have been going on until the wee hours of the morning through the streets of the historic center of Almuñécar, for centuries. In one of the most beautiful and impressive events of the year.

Curiosities of Holy Week in Almuñécar

On Holy Thursday, this year it will be on April 6, the three oldest brotherhoods of the city go out in procession: that of La Esperanza, that of the Nazarene and also the Virgen de los Dolores.

In addition, something unique about Holy Week in Almuñécar is the tradition of celebrating “El Paso”, which is Good Friday morning, this year on April 7, in which the sacramental auto of the journey that our Lord Jesus Christ down the street of bitterness to Mount Calvary.

Ya el Domingo de Resurrección que este año será el día 9 de abril pone el punto y final a la Semana Santa de Almuñécar la procesión de Nuestro Padre Jesús Resucitado y Santa María del Triunfo.

Come and live it

Do not wait for them to tell you, come and enjoy Almuñécar and its Holy Week from March 31 to April 9, 2023, because not only processions can be enjoyed during Holy Week in Almuñécar, since thanks to its privileged climate the Spring is one of the best dates to come to enjoy the first baths on the beach, the sun, the beach bars and the gastronomy, as well as all the History and culture represented and exhibited in all the Sexitan monuments and museums, ranging from the Ancient Age (from the times of the Phoenicians) to the present.

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