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The Almuñécar Antique Market or Second-Hand Market

The Almuñécar Antique Market or Second-Hand Market


In the fairgrounds, as long as it is not the August Fair, the Almuñécar Antiques Market is held every Sunday, also known by the locals as the Almuñécar Second-Hand Market.

The Antiques Market is set up every Sunday, as we have already pointed out, in the Almuñécar fairgrounds next to the National Highway 340 behind the Puerta de Andalucía monument, in a space surrounded by leafy trees, which make it easy to walk between the stalls be very pleasant thanks to the shade and coolness that these trees give at any time of the year. Normally this space during the week is used as free parking, except on Sunday and Friday morning, to be able to set up the stalls of the Flea Markets and Flea Markets that are held here.

What can we find in the Antique Market?

Well, in the Almuñécar Antiques Market you can find a wide variety of items among its dozens of stalls, from brand-name clothing, sometimes brand new at very cheap prices, to modern and old tools, including classic toys, video consoles, a large assortment of books in various languages, handicrafts, furniture, decoration, jewelry and costume jewelery at a very good price, music records and cassettes, DVD movies and even VHS, electrical appliances, kitchenware, cutlery, fabrics, souvenirs, small machinery, And a long etcetera.

In addition, it should be noted that most of the stalls are quite orderly, that is, the items are not found in piles as is customary in most markets, but rather everything is ordered and classified, so it is very easy and nice to see all the merchandise displayed in each of the stands set up in the Second Hand Market. In some cases it seems that we are in a museum of ancient tools used to work the land.


Most of the stalls have very affordable prices for the products they sell, many of them unused or in very good condition, and even the antiques that are true gems for collectors. As a good Mediterranean market, there is the possibility of haggling, which is basically the buyer and the seller discussing the price of a merchandise or product, the buyer trying to keep said price as low as possible or getting two products for the price of one, really all options are possible when haggling.

How to set up your stall at the Almuñécar Antiques Market?

But if you live in Almuñécar or nearby and you have a storage room full of things that you want to get rid of, or you would simply like to set up your own stall in the Rastro de Segunda Mano de Almuñécar, you have to go to the Almuñécar Town Hall to request a stall, the fee to set up your stall is symbolic since it is only eight euros. Then the City Council sets a series of rules, such as not making noise or playing music, submitting an application in which you must indicate the days that you are going to participate, that you cannot sell food, the person responsible for the stall is responsible for all the products and merchandise that are sold have a legal origin and little else.

Come and enjoy the Almuñécar Antique Market

All visitors to Almuñécar, as well as according to the comments on TripAdvisor and other similar platforms, agree that it is a pleasant walk under the leafy trees, go visit any Sunday of the year, Almuñécar thanks to its privileged climate can be visited in any time of the year, the Almuñécar Antiques Market. Because you can always find something interesting.

As always, Discover Almuñécar recommends that you do not wait for them to tell you about it and come as soon as possible to enjoy the Antiques Market or also called Second Hand Market in Almuñécar, the oldest city in the Spanish Mediterranean, on any given Sunday.

It must also be said that it is advisable to come first thing in the morning, since afterwards the best opportunities disappear quickly, and after noon some stalls begin to close if they have already sold all their merchandise.

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