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Tien 21 in Almuñécar


Discover Almuñécar presents in this post Tien 21 Almuñécar, because if you need any appliances, technology, electronics, image and / or sound products in Almuñécar the professional team of Tien 21 Almuñécar will be there to assist you, putting at the disposal of its customers its more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Especially in a coastal area where, due to the humidity of the environment and the limescale of the water, many of these devices require a highly qualified professional team for their care and maintenance.

Tien 21 AlmuñécarIn addition, the Tien 21 chain has a long history since 1989 and a large network of more than 700 shops throughout Spain and 900 if we count those in Portugal, so that in addition to the professionals in Almuñécar behind them there is an impressive support network.

It should also be noted that another of the hallmarks of this centre is its totally personalised treatment for each customer.

Tien 21 Almuñécar

In Almuñécar you can find the establishment of Tien 21 in Avenida Costa del Sol number 9, where they moved from Avenida de los Fenicios, here you will find a wide range of products of the best brands, from large appliances for kitchens with the highest quality, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, to the smallest but necessary: Toasters, blenders, mixers and an extensive etcetera; for air conditioning, its customers also have a wide range of possibilities with radiators, air conditioners, innovative fans…; in electronics, image and sound with the best and most avant-garde mobiles, tablets, computers, a wide catalogue of televisions, sound bars… to enjoy your favourite series and films in style.

Tien 21 Almuñécar

In short, everything you need to equip and make your house or flat your home, you will find it in Tien 21 Almuñécar.

Of course, being in such a touristic area as Almuñécar in the heart of the Costa Tropical of Granada, they can serve their customers in both Spanish and English, and everything in the shop can be consulted from home or with your mobile phone without having to travel thanks to their website.

And if you can’t pick up your products in the shop, Tien 21 has thought of everything, that’s why they offer our customers a home delivery service for our products.

Tien 21 AlmuñécarYou can’t ask for more than what Tien 21 offers in Almuñécar, as they are always ahead of the rest, offering the latest novelties at the most competitive prices on the market.

If you don’t want to miss anything in technology, electrical appliances and electronics visit Tien 21, and keep an eye out for all the new products on offer.

Contact for reservations:

+34 858 81 56 13

Weekday hours:

10:00AM – 13:30PM

17:00PM – 20:30PM

Days closed for personal rest:


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