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Weather in Almuñécar, sun and good weather all year round

The sun and good weather is the general trend throughout the year. The climate in Almuñécar is around an average annual temperature of about 18 ° C. The weather is good for doing any outdoor activity, enjoying the sun practically all year round.

Minimum temperature Maximum temperature Average Temperature
Winter 14° 10°
Spring 11° 18° 14°
Summer 16° 28° 24°
Otoño 16° 24° 10°

Proof of the good weather in Almuñécar are the crops of tropical origin that are exploited in the area. Custard apple, avocado and mango plants that could not survive if it weren’t for the mild climate throughout the year. For example the flowering of the bird of paradise flower. This flower can only be grown in warm, subtropical and Mediterranean climates that it would not survive in colder climates.

The mild temperatures invite you to walk through its streets, have a coffee on any terrace to enjoy the sun.

Enjoy the weather in Almuñécar with a walk along the shore

Walks on the seashore improve our health, walking near sea water brings us benefits for our health thanks to its iodine content. In addition to the therapeutic effect. Walking near the sea is good for the heart and for the mind.

Taste wonderful appetizers

Enjoying tapas is a Spanish custom that has become an emblem of gastronomy. The tapas are served as a small sample to the client of their good work in the kitchen. And many times you can enjoy the aperitif more than the food itself.

Strolling through beautiful parks

In parks like El Majuelo you can walk and admire the plant fauna from different continents.