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What to see in Almuñécar? The most beautiful corners of the town

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What to see in Almuñécar? The most beautiful corners of the town

portada que ver en almuñecar

On our days off or holidays, we also love to enjoy the special places that the city and the nature it has to offer. That is why in this guide we will explain what to see in Almuñécar and take advantage of these moments to create memories that will stay with you forever.

What to see on your holidays in Almuñécar?

There are many places that could be surprising in our city, we will recommend some of them below, but remember that in our blog you will find different places to explore and activities that can complete your holiday plans in Almuñécar.

1. Los Peñones del Santo

One of the things that can delight you the most when travelling or living in a paradisiacal environment such as the city of Almuñécar is to be able to see this beautiful landscape from one of the most interesting and acclaimed viewpoints by the Junta de Andalucía, considering it a natural monument for its geographical character.

Being the separation between two beaches, it allows one of the most beautiful and striking views of both the city and the sea. Don’t miss it when you visit Almuñécar!

foto peñones de santo

2. Old fishermen’s path, hiking in Almuñécar

To connect with nature there is nothing better than a good time hiking.

A path that connects Almuñécar with La Herradura and is a legacy of the fishermen’s heritage of the city, it is a 3,5km path that will be the great walk to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the nature of the city.

Beautiful views from the cliffs will show you the amazing beaches that await you to spend your days in the sun, walk in the tropical paradise!

3. Parque del Majuelo, nature and history of Almuñécar

This park is the perfect place to stroll, observe nature and learn about the history of Almuñécar.

Inside you will also find the Botanical Garden where you can discover curious plants and trees, but also, depending on the time of year when you come, you will walk in the middle of the garden in bloom.

But you will also learn about the culture of Sexitana with the Archaeological Site or the Sculpture Garden.

Are you ready to get to know much more of our city? Start your adventure in these pleasant places.

jardin botanico el majuelo

If you need a guide to get to Almuñécar from the airport or the María-Zambrano train station in Málaga, you can find our guides to help you get to the town.

Enjoy your holidays and let us know through social media! We would love to hear about your plans and be part of these beautiful memories.

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