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Zemtrum Salud & Estética Oral

Zemtrum Salud & Estética Oral

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680 39 69 93
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09:00 – 20:00


Local, professionally run, multi-specialist dental clinic with over 30
years of industry experience. The premises are located in a very accessible area on Avda. Costa del Sol 9 in the historic city of Almuñécar.

And speaking of accessibility, it has its own parking lot and home service for patient care who, for some health or mobility reason, have difficulties when it comes to their appointment. The clinic has been open for 7 years, this last year in which there has been an important transformation of devices and facilities, always seeking the comfort and safety of those who place their trust in our services every day.

Professional team

The diversity of pathologies and diseases that can occur in the oral cavity is undoubted. Zentrum Dental has an expert human team that solves
In a contrasting way, the demand for information that the patient needs and that he can freely decide the most appropriate treatment in each case, will undoubtedly always be linked to the best hands.

Dental implants

Replacing your teeth with implants is not only the most advanced option. The dental implant is the most conservative treatment, it avoids the resorption of the bone over time, the carving of the adjacent pieces and abrasions of the enamel by metallic retainers in removable prostheses, however, despite the multiple advantages that these offer, there are limitations. in which it is not always possible to rehabilitate with them.
The Zentrum medical team studies and plans each case in depth with 3D technology to guarantee the feasibility and options of implant treatments.

Oral aesthetics

Changing the color of your teeth or removing external stains is an aesthetic treatment that can be done with whitening in the clinic, but if you don’t have time and prefer to do it at home, this clinic will provide you with the necessary material along with the LED device.

But if you need to align your teeth, make small corrections in size, shape or close the space between them without losing naturalness, Zentrum Dental puts at your disposal authentic professionals who are experts in aesthetics who can guide you in the most suitable treatment since invisible orthodontics is traditional for us it is as strong a point as the fabrication of stratified composite veneers or the minimally invasive ultrathin porcelain veneers.

At Zentrum, any aesthetic issue goes through a prior study and smile design to assess the feasibility of the case and compare all the possibilities in advance with the patient’s expectations.

Finally, minimizing or making disappear the small wrinkles that surround the lips, the nasolabial folds or those of the corner of the lips with hyaluronic acid can sometimes
complement an aesthetic dental treatment. Zentrum has authorized and exclusive specialists for this type of case.

General and conservative dentistry

Our objective is to preserve and restore your pieces damaged by wear, trauma or cavities.

At Zentrum Dental we have a great professional team and the most
advanced to care for the health of your teeth and gums.

How to get to Zemtrum Salud & Estética in Almuñécar?

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