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Mesón Gala en Almuñécar


In the Plaza Damasco, in the centre of Almuñécar, you will find this mesón with first class meat and fish. With an excellent wine cellar and a pleasant atmosphere.

Mesón Gala, hospitality professionals in Almuñécar

Antonio M. and Luciano Francisco Ruiz Bustos are two brothers who have the hotel and catering business in their genes, as both of them have had their first contact with the world of restaurants since they were children, around the age of 12. This has given them spectacular experience and knowledge, because we know that what you learn as a child is for life, and because of this they have developed a long professional career in the world of catering, which we can now all enjoy thanks to the restaurant “Mesón Gala” which they both run.

And it is no coincidence that their restaurant is one of the best gastronomic restaurants in Almuñécar thanks to their good work and therefore of the Costa Tropical, because since 1977, when they started working in their uncles’ restaurant, in which each of the two brothers specialised in the two most important positions in a restaurant, Antonio became a magnificent cook and Luciano became the perfect waiter, they have not stopped working, specialising and recycling themselves.

Despite having more than 20 years of experience each, and on the eve of the new millennium, in 1999, both decided to broaden their horizons to broaden their knowledge even more and learn other types of gastronomy, thus enriching their long careers. Therefore, in 2001 Antonio moved to the capital of Andalusia, Seville, and worked in the “Restaurante la Dorada”, while Luciano moved to the city for which poets yearn, Granada, and joined the staff of the famous seafood restaurant “Restaurante El Chanquete”.

Later, after two years, both brothers returned to where it all began, Almuñécar, to take a great leap forward together, putting all their eggs in the basket, never better said, and begin the challenge of setting up their own restaurant. The Restaurant “Mesón Gala”, which has been growing during all these years of the new millennium thanks to the experience of more than half a century accumulated between the two brothers.

So, if you are in Almuñécar, don’t forget that on its terrace you can enjoy the best Spanish food, prepared and served with all the love and know-how of these two brothers.

And for those who are more nostalgic, know that the future is assured, because both have been able to instil in their children the dedication, effort, affection and enthusiasm of this adventure, and soon they will follow in their footsteps opening new horizons in the gastronomy of Sexitana.

Dishes you must try:

  • ham
  • grilled meats
  • grilled prawns
  • rice dishes
  • chickpeas with lobster
  • oxtail
  • toast
  • entrecote
  • rice with lobster
  • galician octopus
  • ox steak
  • roast octopus

Servicios disponibles

  • english spoken
  • français parlé
  • deutsch gesprochen
  • telephone booking
  • air conditioning
  • access for disabled persons
  • terrace available
  • payment by card

Contact for bookings:

958 88 14 55

Opening hours during the week:

12:00 – 16:00 and 8:00 to 24:00

Weekend opening hours:

12:00 – 16:00 and 8:00 to 24:00

Staff rest days:

Wednesday, except public holidays.

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How to get to Meson Gala?


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